The World's Gift
To Will And Kate

We're so thrilled Prince Will and Kate Middleton finally had their baby, partially so we can stop waiting for it with bated breath. And what better way to pass the time than with a little humor? Here are our 25 favorite memes (and one GIF!) created in anticipation of the royal bundle of joy.

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He's here... now what?

Royal Baby Meme

Hey, it's our money and we'll spend it (i.e. blow it) how we want, ya hear? If that means starting an office pool about whether the royal baby will be cloaked in pink or blue, well, so be it.

Royal baby meme

Yeah, yeah. That sure didn't stop pretty much the entire free world from waking up at ungodly hours to watch the royal couple get married either. We love our Brits enough to buy commemorative china with their royally wedded heads on it. Wait, do you think they'll put out a royal baby set soon?

Royal baby meme

If there's any truth to this obscenely funny meme, we're positive Prince Charles is pumped up to have a grandson who's his spitting image. Of course, he'd probably be the only one pumped up about that likeness.

Royal baby Queen meme

Then again, the Queen clearly looks thrilled about it. Bring on more heirs! Hear, hear!

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