Jessica Enforces Intimacy Ban On Fiancé

Jessica Simpson is eagerly awaiting her wedding, and before the happy couple tie the knot she has decided to make some changes, one being a "sex ban" on her fiancé Eric Johnson.

Jessica Simpson proposes sex ban on fiance

Jessica Simpson welcomed a baby boy, Ace, into the world on June 30, with her retired American football player fiancé Eric Johnson.

The singer has been engaged to her beau since the fall of 2010, although their wedding has been delayed because the couple have started a family.

Their family is most certainly growing as Simpson and Johnson gave birth to a little girl, Maxwell, in May 2012 — before almost immediately falling pregnant again, this time with little boy, Ace.

Simpson, 33, has now decided to keep things traditional, and in the buildup to her wedding date, she has apparently enforced an intimacy ban on her beau.

A source told OK! magazine, "She's put Eric on a sex ban, which he thinks is hilarious because Jessica is the one with the explosive sex drive, just ask [Jessica's ex] John Mayer."

Simpson does not want to walk down the aisle in a beautiful wedding dress while sporting a baby bump. However, the pair would like to add to their growing family in the future. It has been reported she loves being a mother and that she enjoys the physical sensation that is involved in carrying a child.

"Don't be surprised if she keeps getting pregnant. She loves the feeling," the source said. "It just really suits her. She's in her element. The hormones make her feel elated."

It appears the blond bombshell is not the only one who loves being a parent, as doting dad Johnson seems equally as pleased. He reportedly handles the diapers of the baby, showing an impressive fatherly dedication!

The source continued to say, "Jessica is a born mother, though changing diapers is not her forte, that job is now Eric's — he enjoys pulling daddy duty."

Congratulations to the happy couple, and we look forward to finding out if this ban will work, or if Simpson will have a baby bump again, soon!

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Comments on "Jessica Simpson says no to sex"

mrshyland July 26, 2013 | 4:46 PM

if Jessica simpson doesn't want to be "sporting a baby bump" on her wedding day then she should GET ON BIRTH CONTROL!!! and then her chances of sporting a baby bump on her wedding day will be decreased!!

Guest July 19, 2013 | 5:46 PM

Saying no to until the wedding, maybe, but a ban...sounds like someone is embellishing! And she may not beable to do much moving around just after the birth of her kids, but that doesn't mean that she "Never" changes her kids diapers. Jessica can't just pop right up and do all the things that mom's need to do for their kids right away. Eric may have to do most of the diapering in the begining, due to Jessica having a C-Section. Her body needs time to heal, but once she starts feeling up to it, I'm sure she changes diapers also.

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