Giuliana And Bill Don't Want A "Wimpy" Son

Giuliana and Bill Rancic say they won't be raising a wimpy son. The couple shared their parenting philosophies during a recent promotion for the upcoming season of their reality show Giuliana & Bill .

Giuliana and Bill parenting style

The glamorous E! News presenter and entrepreneur husband Bill Rancic had been trying to get pregnant naturally for a long time, before finally welcoming their first son Edward Duke Rancic via surrogate in Denver last August.

While promoting their upcoming season of their hit reality TV show Giuliana & Bill, the couple have mentioned that they want a resilient child and have shared the measures they will go to ensure that little Edward is toughened up.

Giuliana spoke to OK! magazine USA about her fears, saying, "This season I try to tackle a lot of my fears like heights and roller coasters because what it came down to was for the first time I realized, wow, my son is going to see his mom is scared of everything and then he might get scared of everything. I'm trying to take care of that in my life so that I raise a kid who is adventurous and enjoys life and explores."

Bill explained his parenting philosophies and how he is already starting to ensure he has a brave boy.

"I took him tubing," Bill said. "I think for a lot of Americans right now, a lot of people are raising a generation of wimps. I’m not kidding. I've seen this with my siblings and my friends and I'm like, 'No, we're not going to do that in our household, am I right?' I still want a son who is loving, compassionate, sensitive and treats people well. But I don't want a wimp."

The couple have joked about taking their tot on extreme activities to expose him to life. Giuliana added, "As long as he doesn't get a concussion [anything goes]." She went on to say, "No, but it's true, we do try to expose him to everything and, like Bill said, not have him grow up as a wimp and be scared of every little thing. I kind of grew up a little bit of a wimp. I have all of these fears."

What do you think about the couple's approach to parenting and raising a tough kid? Is it too much too young, or is it just what society needs? We will have to find out more in the upcoming season of Giuliana & Bill.

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Comments on "Giuliana Rancic raising a tough child"

gilberta July 21, 2013 | 9:32 PM

who is she kidding?? The nannies and Bill are raising that child. It's fine she is working but they can't have baby fake attachment as he's too young to act

Deester July 15, 2013 | 12:56 PM

It's important not to bring phobias into parenting, but Giuliana, he has to accept that no one is perfect and it's the difference in people that makes life interesting. Bill, you don't want a chest pounder either..."me is male", thump, thump, thump. He's gonna be fine no matter what you do and he will develop into his own special person before you know it. Know what? Love. That's the key. And you guys have plenty of that! So relax. Giuiliana, I love, love, love that dress! Gorgeous.

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