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PHOTOS: R.I.P.D.'s Ryan Reynolds and other hot movie cops

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Cuff us and
stuff us, Officer

Admit it: The main reason you agree to go to movies that are too loud and too violent with your guy is the hot men in uniform. We feel ya. For your reading (but mostly viewing) pleasure, we’ve assembled some of Hollywood’s hottest law enforcement officers.
Cuff us andstuff us, Officer
Chris Pine
Chris Pine (or Chris Fine as we prefer to call him) made what may have been an otherwise boorish movie, This Means War, a visual masterpiece. We couldn't get enough of Chris as FDR Foster, a CIA operative (yes, technically not a cop but close enough) who is competing with his friend and co-worker (see next) for the affection of Reese Witherspoon's character. If this is what CIA operatives look like, perhaps we've dismissed a life of espionage too hastily.
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Cuff us andstuff us, Officer
Tom Hardy
We're not quite finished with CIA operatives who are smokin' hot and who starred in a movie together, giving us almost more law enforcement goodness than we can handle. Where Chris looks more like he stepped off the July page of a firefighter's calendar, Tom looks like the rugged guy next door who would come jump-start your car for you — or anything else you needed to have jump-started (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). Both of these fine specimens starred in This Means War, and Reese's character had to choose between them. That's a problem we'd like to have.
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Cuff us andstuff us, Officer
Owen Wilson
There's no shame in admitting you fell for Owen Wilson's Hutch in Starsky and Hutch. He broke as many laws as he upheld and looked like a lovable surfer boy while doing it. He also made us laugh repeatedly with lines like "I'm sorry. Did you just tough-talk a dead body?" and "Hey, why don't you do me a favor and get another perm and let the grownups talk." Owen Wilson was actually a detective in Starsky and Hutch, but if we deliberately broke the law in front of him, he'd have no choice but to arrest us and then, if we were super lucky, strip-search us. Sorry. Got a little carried away there.
Photo credit: Fayes Vision/
Cuff us andstuff us, Officer
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson plays a CIA agent in the Fast & Furious franchise, but that's not necessarily the cop role that made us wish he'd pull us over. We loved him in The Other Guys as the macho muscle-head cop who thinks his bad-a**edness (yes, we made that word up) will enable him to survive a jump from a rooftop. Samuel Jackson and "The Rock" have one of those legendary movie moments where they say, "Aim for the bushes," fist-bump each other and then splat on the concrete below. Simply awesome.
Photo credit: Apega/
Cuff us andstuff us, Officer
Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg has played more cops than you can shake a billy club at, but here again, his role as a detective with the world's most annoying partner in The Other Guys has got to be our favorite. Wahlberg is indeed a peacock, and we love to see him fly, even if, you know, peacocks don't fly. Few wear the T-shirt/leather jacket/faded jeans detective uniform better than Wahlberg, which would make any reasonable, law-abiding girl want to cross to the dark side.
Photo credit: Andres Otero/
Cuff us andstuff us, Officer
Brad Pitt
Is Brad ever going to hit an age when we don't think he's hot? It hasn't happened so far. Brad's been in a few boys-with-guns roles, but we'd have no problem being locked up with his character from Seven. (Seven — where Gwyneth Paltrow's head shows up in a box — not to be confused with Seven Years in Tibet, where Brad looked more smelly than hot.) As long as Brad continues to play detectives, cops — whatever — we will continue to hope that the next cop who pulls us over looks like him.
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Cuff us andstuff us, Officer
Bruce Willis
Like Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis looks studly at any age. Yeah, some of his whispery and "Yippee ki yay motherf*****" dialogue in Die Hard was sort of hard to take, but he was mighty easy on the eyes. Bruce is the kind of guy who personifies masculinity without really trying, so when he's cast in a role of authority and danger... well it's all we can do to not make him the subject of the action movies in our head.
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Cuff us andstuff us, Officer
Clint Eastwood
Clint did it first, and arguably he did it best. Just the name "Dirty Harry" gives us goose bumps. And when he asked us if we felt lucky? Rest assured, the ladies in the audience had a different answer for that than the guys. Eastwood's threshold for BS was zero, making him the kind of guy that every girl wants in her circle of trust. So, if Clint wanted to pull us over and asked us to "step out of the car," we wouldn't resist.
Photo credit: Nikki Nelson
Cuff us andstuff us, Officer
Ryan Reynolds
Drunk and disorderly conduct really isn't our style, but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do to get pulled over by R.I.P.D.'s Ryan Reynolds. In Reynolds' latest flick he's back from the dead to fight the crimes of others who are less alive than they used to be. Dead, alive —  we really don't care. Ryan Reynolds has been tripping our trigger for longer than we care to admit. He can pull us over anytime, for any reason.
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