Praise, Shout-Outs And Criticism

Miley Cyrus' image has transformed from her innocent Hannah Montana days. She's all grown up now and taking the hip-hop world by storm!

Miley Cyrus has a new haircut, her wardrobe seems to have been halved and she is on the fast track to becoming a pro at twerking — a dance move that sees her shaking her bottom in a vigorous manner. Miley Cyrus

In an interview with, Miley stated that her musical inspirations can be credited to female artists like Joan Jett, Lil' Kim, Nicki Minaj, Beth Hart and her godmother, Dolly Parton.

Nicki Minaj was flattered by the news that the young star had named her as an inspiration and told E! News, "OMG! Miley is soooo cute and every time I see her I say again and again that she is so damn cute and down to earth. I really love her."

That's high praise for Miley! Even hip-hop legend Jay-Z has mentioned Miley's new twerking skills in his latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, released July 4.

In his track "Somewhereinamerica," he raps,

"When I was talking Instagram
Last thing you wanted was your picture snapped
Feds still lurking
They see I'm still putting work in
Cause somewhereinamerica
Miley Cyrus is twerkin'."

Jay-Z's rap lyrics playfully mock the 20-year-old singer's love of the dance craze. However, Miley has received her share of criticism.

Her track "We Can't Stop," which broke the Vevo record for the most video views within 24 hours, has not been without its detractors. Comments have been made about Miley's new attitude, sexually explicit clothing style, the use of gold chains, grills and the downright strange behavior seen in her music video.

Regardless of what your view may be of the young star's transformation, one thing is certain: The hip-hop industry is thriving!

Listen to Jay-Z's "Somewhereinamerica":

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Comments on "Miley Cyrus embraces the hip-hop lifestyle"

Kayla July 07, 2013 | 11:59 PM

I think people should leave Miley alone.I dont understand why people won't let ger be who she is. In her song "We Cant Stop" she says "Only God can judge us forget the haters cause sombody loves ya" and thats true. People are going to have to except the fact that she dresses diffrent or she has a new hairstyle or that she twerks or if not dont worrie about her. You can either love her or you dont. People dont understand tha when you can sit infront of a computer and write something bad about her on facebook instagram or twitter your letting the world know that you have time in your like to stalk her life and judge everything she dose. All im trying to say is if you like her GREAT if not when you see her on TV change the channel with out a second thought or saying anything mean about her

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