New Characters Coming, Too

Rough waters ahead for Deacon and Rayna, plus two new characters will arrive to stir up even more trouble.

Nashville season 2 spoilers: Rough waters ahead for Deacon and Rayna

ABC's Nashville is still off for what feels like an extremely long summer hiatus (no, it's not really any longer than other shows, it just feels that way right about now), but there is one thing fans have to keep them happy during these warm months — spoilers.

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Deacon and Rayna face more challenges in Season 2

TV Guide reports on some Deacon (Charles Esten) and Rayna (Connie Britton) news from series creator Callie Khouri. It's not a spoiler to reveal that the two will indeed survive the car crash from the season finale, but things won't get any easier for them once the physical injuries have healed.

"They are never going to have [a] smooth-sailing relationship," Khouri said about the couple.

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As for Deacon's discovery that he was Maddie's dad, don't expect him to instantly become Father of the Year. "[Season 2] is not going to look like Father Knows Best. I don't think Deacon ever thought of himself as father material. We'll see him grapple with [whether] or not he's right." Khouri revealed.

Talking more about the differences fans can expect between the first and second season, showrunner Dee Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter, "Season one was a hurtling train ride. We're going into Season two knowing what the beat is and can calibrate and manage it better."

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Two new ladies come to Nashville next season

There's also news from TVLine about two new characters heading onto the show next season. The first is named Zoey, and she was Scarlett's best friend when they were growing up. She's come to Nashville looking to make it as a singer. Zoey will be stepping right into her old friend's shoes when she takes over Scarlett's waitressing job at The Bluebird.

The second character is named Layla. She's the winner of an American Idol-type music competition and she wants to be a country star so bad that she's willing to do just about anything to look the part, including downplaying her higher education, stable family life and Northeastern roots.

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Comments on "Nashville Season 2 spoilers: Rough waters for Deacon & Rayna"

Samantha Steiner July 18, 2013 | 10:34 PM

Just call her Hayden Panettiere, the actress with the green thumb. Though she may portray Juliette Barnes, the resident, mischievious bad girl on Nashville, opposite Friday Night Lights' own Connie Britton, who plays country crooner diva and nemesis, Reina James, she's still a rather down to earth, fresh faced good girl, as most already know and consider her to be within the acting industry. And now, you can also refer to her as somewhat of a home décor nut, and expert if you will, with her particularly fancy tastes in interior design and gardening, hence the desert like cacti laying around her Southern Nashville home. Back for a second season on ABC, the drama and action is sure to increase to an even stronger, more intense level, with the cast's storylines continuing to strengthen from the incredibly popular first season, and from what critics and fans have come to love, ever since this past spring. New York Magazine writer, Amanda Dobbins, writes, "Should her day job fall through, Hayden Panettiere has a bright future in patio design, especially in greatly knowing her way around 'Party City,' and learning the most important part of landscaping. In fact, Panettiere says, "the hardest part of this entire thing, was repotting the cactuses. It's a bad idea. Do not repot them. They will destroy you." It's her humor that goes a long way, and assuredly makes her a big star! According to Dobbins, "Barnes, Panettiere's character, has a significant resemblance to America's sweetheart, Taylor Swift, though she often denies it. Furthermore, "As if to distance herself from Swift, Panettiere has embraced Nashville's skepticism about her character's music. She says, "You don't listen to Juliette's early music and go, 'She's singing about something that really happened to her.' Dobbins continues, "But, you do hear her confidence. What gets lost in the show's never-ending talk about pop-versus-country debate, in the overly slick production of songs, like 'Telescope,' a real-life Top 40' country hit, is that Panettiere can actually sing." I agree. "The sass works for her. Hayden credits her expanded range and ability to the show's audience." In fact, she goes on to say, 'They're the ones who decide what story lines they like, which is a very diplomatic, and yet, interesting way of saying that Juliette gets all of the fun, juicy, dramatic scenes.' Dobbins concludes, stating, "Panettiere is reluctant however, in making an album." Really? I guess living in Nashville, far away from all of the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood spotlight and limelight, will do that to you. Hayden says being on the show definitely has its perks though, even if she sleeps on a futon, in the attic of the current house that she rents, close to the 'Nashville' set. That's a smart girl right there, if you ask me. Lucky her.

Dot Greeley July 17, 2013 | 10:24 PM

Can't wait for new season to start....this should be good.

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