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The Rachel hair cut
'90s sitcom fads

Time for a comeback

The '90s brought us some of the funniest shows, most memorable characters andcoolest trends. So why did they leave? Here are a few things from '90s sitcoms that we want back, ASAP.


Drinking at work: Karen, Will and Grace

Yes! Finally a woman who spoke for those of us who are not embarrassed by our drinking habits! Will and Grace's Karen was inappropriate on so many levels, each one more spectacular than the next. She was a human belly laugh. She had the stones to drink at work and didn't care who knew it. God love her. That attitude needs to return ASAP. In fact, let's just take it to the next level...

Drinking at work: Karen, Will and Grace


Karen and Jack: Will and Grace

Will and Grace was one of the funniest sitcoms of the '90s, but there were more than a few of us who thought the show should have been called Karen and Jack. Karen's high-pitched insults and unapologetic behavior combined with Jack's diva ways made being and acting inappropriately funny again. We're still waiting for a Karen and Jack spin-off.

Karen and Jack: Will and Grace


The George Clooney mullet: George Clooney, Roseanne

Only George Clooney could make a hairstyle that has been mocked throughout the ages — the mullet (party in the front, business in the back) — sexy. David Spade made a whole movie (Joe Dirt) mocking the mullet. And yet somehow Clooney made it look hot. Maybe it's that brooding handsomeness underneath it that makes his mullet so magnificent. The mullet can come back, but only if it looks like Clooney's. The Joe Dirt version can stay in the '90s.

The George Clooney mullet: George Clooney, Roseanne


Carlton's dance moves: Carlton, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The only dance phenom we'd like to bring back from the '90s — other than Elaine — is Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Unlike Elaine, Carton knew how bad his moves were, and if he forgot, Will was there to remind him. Carlton's lack of finesse certainly didn't dampen his enthusiasm, and that's what makes these moves bring-back worthy.

Carlton’s dance moves: Carlton, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Single, professional men in coffee shops, Frasier

A pit stop at a boutique coffee shop was practically a daily routine for Frasier and his brother, Niles. Much of the time, these handsome, professional brothers met to lament their love life, specifically a lack thereof (especially Frasier!). So where are these guys at our corner coffee shop? Obviously, attractive men gather in coffee shops in hoards, but the majority of them have that pesky little band around their left ring finger. We are here to invite single, handsome, professional men who want to date back to coffee shops (we’re the ones in the back corner drooling over you if you want to say “hi”).

Frasier GIF

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