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In this episode of Burn Notice, called "Brothers in Arms," Michael gets closer than ever to discovering what Burke's plan is, but not before a new player is put on the board.

Burn Notice - Brothers in Arms

I hope that everyone can excuse my language for a second, but after watching this episode, I just have to say: This sh** just got real.

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Within the first five minutes, I knew we were in for another jaw-dropping episode. Remember back in the day when Burn Notice was all about Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) running around Miami with his wise-cracking sidekicks as he showed us all the cute little secrets to being a spy? Yeah, that show has been replaced and this new show is, in a word, awesome. When I saw that little girl on Michael's camera, I freaked out. I mean I knew he would never, ever shoot her, but it still made me sick to my stomach — for Serano, for the little girl if she happened to wake up and for Michael for having to do something that heinous. Then, as Burke (Adrian Pasdar) gave Serano that bullet while Michael still stood over his daughter, I knew what was going to happen next, but I won't deny that I may have jumped a bit when I heard the gunshot over Michael's headphones as he put the teddy bear on the bed.

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And that was just the first five minutes.

After that, it was like being on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Michael puts himself in further danger by volunteering to go to the Russians (and getting waterboarded for his troubles), while Fi (Gabrielle Anwar) and Maddie (Sharon Gless) work together to kidnap a poor spy named Ivan, and Sam (Bruce Campbell) and Jesse (Coby Bell) are left running backup for Michael and Burke. Through all the intense moments, I was shocked that this episode still made me laugh out loud a few times. Michael giving his captors some wisecracks in Russian was fantastic. I also loved how Jesse and Sam kept doing things to make them sort of the bumbling comedy relief, while they still did what needed to be done.

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In the end, I never expected that Burke would sacrifice himself for Sonya (Alona Tal). Even when he brought in the Semtex in his laptop, I thought he was going to plant it somewhere — not blow himself to kingdom come with it. Who is Sonya? Well, I guess we'll find out next week, but right now my money's on her being his daughter. Though why would she be the key to everything, I have no clue.

My favorite bits:

The first five minutes of this episode. Need I really say more? Burn Notice - Brothers in Arms

"To stop a monster, sometimes you have to pretend to be one."

Michael apologizing to Fi for not changing and then saying that he was glad she had the life she wanted now.

"Don't worry about me, it's my first kidnapping."

"OK, that looks sufficiently gross." — I am so with Jesse on that. Brilliant way to hide a bug, though.

Really falling in love with that car Michael is driving. Yowza.

Jeffrey Donovan busting out his Russian again. I always love it when he gets the chance to do that.

Michael's voice over talking about how, if the op went bad, his team would just listen to him die.

Ivan thinking that he was getting away, just before Maddie hit him with the car. Oops.

Waterboarding? Wow. Just... wow.

"Just 'cause I got nothing better doesn't make your idea good."

Sam and Jesse jumping onto the bus. Can we say "bada**?"

"Water? But not too much." — Ha! I love Michael being a smart aleck in Russian.

Jesse clarifying what complaining was.

"Tell you what, next time we'll wait for a bus with a giant pillow on it. How does that sound?"

Sam and Jesse deciding to switch hats. Yep, good choice.

Fi offering to put money into an account for Eva for Ivan.

The look on Michael's face when he realized he just caused a Russian sub to enter U.S. waters. Oh boy.

Burke promising Sam that he wouldn't leave Michael behind.

"She is all that matters." — Yep, I have a feeling Sonya is totally related to Burke. Daughter? Sister?

"She is the key to your future." — Wow, who is this woman?

Burke sacrificing himself for Sonya.

Ivan finding out that Fi and Maddie had decided to help him and his precious Eva to start over.

"Other than the fact that we probably have most of the Cuban military and a submarine full of Russian commandos looking for us, everything is super."

The sounds on the phone telling me that Sonya was definitely awake.

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Who do you think Sonya is? Were you surprised when Burke sacrificed himself for her?

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Comments on "Burn Notice recap: Was it all worth it?"

Jimmy June 29, 2013 | 2:31 PM

Do the run down: If we assume we have been told the truth so far.... Sonya is young. She knows spy stuff (such as pretending to be out, then silently sneaking up on Jesse, getting out of cuffs, getting away, and all without a sound...all with clear spycraft calm). She is Russian most likely (by virtue of the name). A whole prison was built to keep her alive instead of just whacking her (an easier and cheaper solution to someone who is dangerous). The prison is in no man's land instead of in Russia, which does have LOTS of places for secure secret prisons. She was dangerous enough to keep her sedated. Important enough to risk international incident to get her out on a Russian sub (again, instead of just killing her). Burke's boss(es?)want her alive. Ok...the bosses...they have to be well financed and powerful. Reason to keep someone like her alive...she knows something someone else wants to know OR she has an innate value in being alive (carrying a natural antibody, has a skill, knows the answer to a great secret, is leverage over someone else or represents something as a symbol that could be martyred). No one seems to know who she is, not Jesse, Mike nor Sam. "Key to the future...." whatever she is can affect a major change in the world, as regards politics/geopolitics, government or science. or some combination there of. She has operative skills...so nix the scientist angle. Yet to see a scientist ever shown as being dangerous mano a mano. But could still be scientific in nature of antibody type stuff....she is not a paranormal..no floating things, no one read any minds. And she is being handled by spies, not the military. Burke...a true believer type. Very grounded guy. very black and white. Would have to be something to make him BELIEVE, not just take a job. Set up seems very Dan Brown. Best guess....the last Romanov?

Colleen June 28, 2013 | 4:55 AM

My first thought was that she is his wife but then I decided that daughter made more sense. When he killed himself to facilitate her escape, I was convinced. How she is the "key to everything" I'm not sure. That part is ambiguous. But then BN is the master of the overstatement! (And I say this with a GREAT deal of love - this show is my addiction, bigger than the NY Yankees and dark chocolate!) Two weeks - that will be a LONG wait!!!

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