Depp Gets Hotter With Time

It's hard to believe that Johnny Depp is 50 years old. He looks great and hasn't missed a beat. Unlike most of us, the actor doesn't fear aging.

Johnny Depp

Most people fret about turning 30, and are terrified of the big 5-0. But actor Johnny Depp isn't most people. Earlier this month, he passed the milestone without a care in the world. What's his secret? How can he stay calm at a time like this?

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Depp recently shared his positive outlook with E! Online. He said, "I think any day you wake up and you're still around is a good thing. Every time you could take a breath and exhale and inhale again, it's a good thing." He continued, "50 is, like, 'Sure! Why not?'"

Can we have a glass of what he's drinking? To be fair, Depp is in pretty great shape. There's some truth to that classic line, "You're only as old as you feel." The actor hasn't slowed down, which is evident in his latest film, The Lone Ranger. Depp spends most of his screen time topless and riding a horse.

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He stars opposite 26-year-old Armie Hammer, who's practically half his age. Depp even does some of his own stunts, one of which almost cost him his life. The actor had a run-in with a horse that nearly trampled him. "It was a weird one," he said. "Amazingly, I got up and walked away from it with just a few scratches."

Depp is currently shooting the sci-fi thriller Transcendence, which will be followed by the musical Into the Woods and Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Yes, they're making a fifth movie in that franchise. Apparently, the world can't get enough of Jack Sparrow.

Not to mention, Depp has 19 projects in development. Perhaps his love of acting is his anti-aging secret?

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Comments on "Johnny Depp is 50: Reveals his philosophy on aging"

EnoughWithTheStarvingBabies January 19, 2014 | 8:05 PM

@Liz: Really? Who peed in your Cheerios this morning, Sunshine? A whole one-page diatribe on what Johnny should/shouldn't do with his money? Here's maybe a more pertinent question you should ask yourself: Why are third-world countries' overpopulated masses of starving babies Johnny Depp's responsibility? How about people take responsibility and not have children they can't afford? Or how about Johnny donate that 10 million dollars for birth control/sterilization programs for people who don't know what causes pregnancy? Do you actually know how much he already does for a buttload of other charities--most of them involving children? You have no idea what he does or doesn't do for others. He's been generous to a lot of people over the years. Plenty of wealthy people do things that they DON'T announce, that you will NEVER hear about, because then cynics like you would go off on yet ANOTHER tangent whining about how they're "doing it for the publicity". B.S. You don't know WHAT he does or doesn't give to others that isn't publicized--stop acting as though you do. I have to wonder what crawled up your nose and laid eggs, because that's some axe you have to grind with him. Are you Native? Are you living in a third-world nation and have 10 malnourished, starving babies? If not, I'd like to know exactly how much of your income you send to those fly-ridden babies in third-world countries. And believe me, this comment: "He and his kind could single handedly wipe out the little tykes hunger and give him meds so they aren't throwing up and sitting in a trench because they are so sick. One movie, Johnny. Just one movie." LMAO. Are you for real? ONE movie???? Do you even have a CLUE about what you just said? Like, in what land do you live in which all the little sick, starving babies in the universe can be "fixed" with the proceeds from one freaking movie? Answer: NOT ALL OF THEM. NOTHING on this EARTH---not even Johnny Depp and his MONEY---will EVER wipe out hunger--or people's stupidity in continuing to overpopulate. THAT'S the problem---people continually reproducing. NOT Johnny Depp. Get a clue and find something relevant to whine about.

Jamie August 14, 2013 | 5:30 PM

@Liz - As for your opinions on rich people being happy because they've got money is crap! There are pleny of miserable multi-millionaires out there, just ask any therapist in Hollywood. It's in the attitude, not the cash. I am pretty much penniless and live on the bread line, but I don't whine as much as you do. End of!

Liz August 05, 2013 | 3:14 PM

Oh for heaven'sake who cares. He has his world in the palm of his hand. The man is filthy rich which means top notch medical care, people preparing his healthy whole food meals, on and on. We would all look and feel better if we could afford the things that the rich take for granted and do consistently. My only problem with Johnny is that he is finally getting full of himself. When he was younger he knew the word humble, because he was. Now he is so egotistical I can barely stand to watch him be interviewed. Don't believe it? Watch his face closely during interviews. He also made a huge ass of himself by buying his way into An American Indian Tribe/Nation. When he was being interviewed he looked silly in a super expensive hat that would have bought me some heat for my home for six months and the little hole he put into it was such a joke. Trying to make it look like he's been Tonto for a long time. He also suddenly spoke with a distinctive Native American accent. Those of us watching were stone cold quiet for a few minutes then broke out into laughter in unison. Next thing you know the Native's are circulating a petition forcing him into buying Wounded Knee and giving it free-hold back to *his tribe*. A pretty sweet deal Johnny, three and a half million dollars to buy yourself some fake respect and a feather in that hole in your hat. He's changed. What's worse is he has changed into something that made him adorable without it in his younger days. Is he still really gorgeous? Let the hair grow out so we can see the silver. Take off those stupid shades and give us a close up, i swear he doesn't look Native anymore, poof, he has somehow managed to look like a tiny version of a Puerto Rican instead of Native American. Do I sound bitter. Yes a little. I guess I just don't see the fairness anymore. When someone is handed TEN MILLION dollars just for play acting a character in a movie and buys an island, wounded knee, etc etc, i look at the advertisement on television during his *station break*, and there are tiny faces with huge eyes, extended tummys, and a pair of dirty underclothes, with flies landing all over the little mite and not even having the strength to shoo them away.. then we cut back to John with that awful newly faked accent, bragging. Saying things about the world and the history of *his people* who made him an honorary brave, i have to hold back a little repulsion. He and his kind could single handedly wipe out the little tykes hunger and give him meds so they aren't throwing up and sitting in a trench because they are so sick. One movie, Johnny. Just one movie. you could cure hunger if you wanted to. Nope, i'm not star struck in the least. Good honest hard working people are the ones who dig deep and try to feed some of these children. While *they* are out buying hats.

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