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The 2013 Daytime Emmys were hosted by a trio of television veterans, but technical issues marred a usually fun evening honoring the best in daytime.

Daytime Emmys hosts

Neil Patrick Harris is a hard act to follow. With the Tony Awards still fresh in TV audiences' minds, it's hard not to compare this year's Daytime Emmy Awards hosts with the talented TV star. Morning Express host Robin Meade, Showbiz Tonight's A.J. Hammer and Good Morning America's weather anchor Sam Champion took the reins of this year's show.

They opened the ceremony with each of them showcasing a talent. Meade impressively sang an a cappella bit, while Champion brought up a celebrity weather map and Hammer introduced the interview segment that would run throughout the show. The producers had a misguided idea to have the winners ushered immediately to one side of the stage to be interviewed by various celebrities on a couch.

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The hosts really didn't have much to do other than keep the show moving along. Unfortunately, technical issues often kept their banter to a minimum while the crew worked on fixing sound problems.

In fact, during one moment, A.J. Hammer was startled to realize the cameras were live on him. Everyone was waiting for him to introduce Jeopardy! personality Alex Trebek.

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The Showbiz Tonight host quickly tried to save his segment by saying, "Well, all right, it's my turn. Fantastic!"

However, the damage was already done.

Robin Meade on 2013 Daytime Emmy Awards

HLN also gave its Morning Express anchor time onstage to promote her new CD, Count on Me, which was released on June 11. While Meade has a lovely voice, it was awkward to have her singing the songs nominated for Outstanding Original Song from the Katie show and Good Afternoon America.

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The trio did their best to keep the show moving along, and they put their game face on throughout. It's just too bad that the sound troubles overshadowed the hosts and the winners.

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Comments on "2013 Daytime Emmy Awards: How did the hosts do?"

rita June 18, 2013 | 11:33 AM

Sorry not impressed with the show. Not happy that Meade used this show as a platform to promote her CD. Side interviews were crap, the audience was rude. Carrie Fisher was sloppy, and embrassing with her remarks. save it, we all knew that you were a junkie, alcoholic. Producers need to be replaced, daytime deserved better than this. George Lucas attitude was like, what am I doing here, Im better than this. Well we, daytime viewers deserved better than this.

CP June 16, 2013 | 8:52 PM

SO painful to watch!!! I cannot believe they let her sing. Wth?

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