All About Kanye's
Rumored Other Woman

Reps for Kanye West deny that he's ever had anything to do with Leyla Ghobadi — and we're starting to believe him, especially since the Twitter account she started Wednesday to "tell the truth" about her fling with Kanye is already MIA. Here's what we know about her so far.

She's got the "Kim Kardashian look"

Leyla Ghobadi

There's no denying that the exotic Leyla Ghobadi has a striking resemblance to Kim Kardashian, especially with her dark locks and bronzed skin.

Kanye's “other woman” Leyla joins Twitter to defend herself >>


She's a marketing director at a Montreal spa

Leyla Ghobadi

Ghobadi's Instagram page says that she's the marketing director for Diamond Spa in Montreal. There are also reports that she's both a model and cocktail waitress in her downtime.


She loves to go clubbing

Leyla Ghobadi

Ghobadi's Instagram feed is like a visual diary of her nights out in various clubs.


She's always in the VIP

Leyla Ghobadi

Ghobadi is frequently spotted backstage and in the VIP area at concerts, according to her Instagram feed. She's even been photographed with Kanye at an event.


She was paid for the Star magazine interview

Leyla Ghobadi

Sources tell the Daily News that Ghobadi was paid upwards of $20,000 to spill her Kanye sex stories to the tabloid. However, Star's editor-in-chief James Heidenry disputes that number.

"I can tell you that’s way out of the ballpark," he said.


She didn't take a lie detector test

Leyla Ghobadi

Star always makes celebrity accusers sweat by giving them a lie detector test. However, Ghobadi didn't have to take one.

"We didn't think it was necessary in this case," Heidenry said.


She's been trying to sell her story for a while now


Sources tell the Daily News that reps for Ghobadi have been trying to sell her story to various tabloids over the past several weeks. No one took the bait — mostly because she can't prove her story.


She claims to have proof, but never provided it

Leyla Ghobadi

Ghobadi claims to have texts and photos of her and Kanye on her phone, but she never provided them to Star — and they didn't care.

"I forget if she either lost her phone or phone broke," says Heidenry. "One of those two."

We're really giving this whole story the side-eye now.


She wants to tell Kim she's sorry


Ghobadi claims she'd have one thing to say to Kim if she ever got the chance.

"Sorry," she wrote Wednesday on her purported Twitter account. "Maybe I went about this the wrong way but how else am I meant to get thru to her? I am NOT the bad guy in this situation, nothing more 2 say.”


There are doubts about her (now defunct) Twitter account

Leyla Ghobadi

Some are questioning whether or not the Twitter account she started Wednesday (and deleted by Thursday morning) is even real. Her Instagram is still up and running (as of Thursday afternoon), but her daily posts seem to have stopped in early June.

Tell us

Do you still believe Leyla Ghobadi, or did her story crash and burn in record time? Sound off below!

Photos: Leyla Ghobadi/Instagram


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Comments on "10 Things you should know about Kanye's rumored fling Leyla Ghobadi"

BlakaBoy December 25, 2013 | 11:19 AM

ridiculous... shes not an escort you fool. just a girl doing her things. From the hood to hollywood thats all. Stop hating and make it happen for yourself. And what'S wrong with eing a bartender when you own a university degree, many experience in your field and living a life you love ?

Liberty June 14, 2013 | 2:13 PM

LOL just so everyone knows, there is NO SUCH THING as a ‘model’ from Vancouver or Montreal, Canada that looks like this girl hahaha. Who’s she model for? Girls gone wild? She does not look like a run way model either.There’s not even any real models in Canada I’m sure, not where this girl hangs out atleast. I just seen a post by her saying “what I make in a night you couldn’t make in 10 years” hahahahah.. Making all that money ‘modelling’? Hahaha. She’s an ESCORT. Yes a girl who has for money, Canada (ESP MONTREAL-VANCOUVER) is filled with young dumb girls with fake boobs and lots of money that claim to be ‘models’ but they’re really just escorts. Hahaha.

Eve June 14, 2013 | 1:25 AM

This girl comes from the most ghetto area of LAVAL, a city right next to Montreal! She still works as a bartender, claims to be a marketing director for some spa (which means she sets up the spa's Facebook page) and models. She's Persian, has the reputation of being a bimbo, a rock band groupie. Her sister is a med school student, what else, she's 27-28, NOT 24!!! Her younger sister claims on her twitter someone made the rumor up and used her identity to create a twitter account .... However, Star magazine claims they paid her 20 000$ for her story. Who got the paycheck if it wasn't this Leyla girl? Also, if she came from such a respectable family (like a decent family by iranian standards), they would never let her go out showcasing her plastic boobs, posing the way she does, doing Summum magazine, a mens magazine, etc, being a BARTENDER when you're nearing 30, wtf...

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