Who Killed Regina?

We're only one episode in on ABC Family's brand new drama, Twisted, and there's already been a murder. We've got our theories about the culprit!

Twisted Theories

Yes, it's early. But, we think we've got this case cracked. Maybe.

On this week's premiere of Twisted, we watched as Danny Desai returned to school five years after he strangled his aunt. The entire school was in a tizzy over his return, and at first, his two former best friends wanted nothing to do with him. But things changed as Danny blinked those stunning, helpless brown eyes. That is, until the one and only girl who showed any interest in him turned up dead after a party at her house and a round of texts to the one-time murderer.

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Once again, Danny is placed under the hot lights, his best friend Jo's father is doing the questioning and the entire school is pointing fingers. But did Danny really kill Regina? We've got our own theories.

Scott did it Twisted Theories

Regina was one focused girl who wanted nothing more than to get into Danny's pants. Danny just wasn't interested, though. The only time Danny showed any interest in anyone other than his two former best friends was when Scott got too rough with Jo and Danny whispered something menacing into his ear. At the assembly, after Regina's murder, Scott told the gang that he offered to sleep with Regina when Danny refused.

Scott was already hopped up from the near fight with Danny. Add that to Regina's dismissal of him when she opted to instead hold out for "Socio" (Danny's nickname, thanks to Lacey). Could he have been mad and drunk enough to try to hurt Regina and end up killing her instead? Definitely! Realizing what he'd done, he could have easily texted Danny to try to set him up.

Archie did it

Archie supposedly wasn't at the party where Danny got into it with Scott and eventually left in the back of Lacey's car. But Regina mentioned trying to get him to the party so they could have a "stud-off" between Danny and Archie. If he showed up just in time to see Lacey and Danny leave together, he might have gone crazy enough to kill Reggie and try to frame Danny for it.

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Danny's mom did it

Stick with us on this: As we found out at the end of the premiere of Twisted, Regina was wearing the exact same necklace as the one that Danny's aunt — the one he killed — wore. Danny asked how Regina ended up with it, but she wouldn't say. When they found Regina, she was no longer wearing the necklace, though she apparently never took it off before then. The episode concluded with Danny in his room, the necklace in his hands. Was it Regina's? Or was it his dead aunt's? Is it the same necklace or two identical necklaces?

We also learned that Danny's father recently died due to slightly mysterious circumstances. Which side of the family did Aunt Tara belong to? Is it possible Danny's father was sleeping with Aunt Tara? Was that necklace a gift from dear old dad? Did Regina's necklace imply she's spent time in Mr. Desai's backseat, too? (After all, we already know she had slutty tendencies.)

Danny might have killed his aunt to keep the secret safe from the general public, but what if Mr. Desai's extracurricular activities made it back to Danny's mom (Denise Richards) and she took things into her own hands with Regina?

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Finally, maybe Danny really is a socio(path)

In school, Jo's psychology class learned the definition of a sociopath. Her teacher goes on to explain that even though sociopaths "lack real human emotion, they are d*** clever at mimicking them." Danny is certainly capable of showing the emotion he thinks will earn his former friends' trust again, right? Maybe, just maybe, it's him. Their teacher also says, "Most sociopaths don't bother killing people; it requires too much effort." Maybe Danny is a sociopath, but he still didn't kill Reggie?

What do you think, fellow Twisted fans? Are we on the money, or do you have a theory of your own?

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Comments on "ABC Family's Twisted theories: Who's the real bad guy?"

Sunny March 15, 2014 | 12:54 AM

Danny didn't kill his aunt - his father Vikram Desai was the murderer. The reason is yet to be known but we definitely know Vikram and Tara hated each other despite being siblings. In one of the first few episodes, Danny mentions that. He also adds that Tara had to be killed because she "knew too much" and threatening to expose something. Vikram knew how much Danny idolised him and manipulated his son into taking the blame for the murder instead. And yes, Vikram was definitely involved in Regina's murder. I'm not sure if he killed her himself or had an accomplice do it, but it all comes back to him. Vikram was having an affair with Gloria Crane (Regina's mother) and Regina apparently found out about it at some point. Vikram had to pay her off to keep quiet. Why he ultimately had her killed is yet to be known. And one of the earlier responses to this post had mentioned something about Karen killing Tara because Vikram had been sleeping with her during their marriage. Geez, people! Vikram Desai might have had one too many affairs, but even he wouldn't go as far as to have a ual relationship with his own biological SISTER! Ugh. Nasty. No way did THAT happen.

nigga March 07, 2014 | 9:54 PM

i read comments on other sites that ppl think danny and jo are secretly siblings. how dense can you be? she'd have to be at least a little brown if the brown guy is they parent they supposedly share.

Lacey fan January 07, 2014 | 7:54 AM

i think that the new girl Cheif killed Regina. Thats the only reason why she knows the stick is in the lake at mcnally park. thats why she framed danny desai for it and she was in the car with vikram desai with the Connecticut plate on the back of the car.she also scratched regina and on that directory in the episode three for the road it said vikram desai 413.that who i think killed regina

kayla September 10, 2013 | 11:01 AM

i made some typos but i ment to say ually abusing him...:(

kayla September 10, 2013 | 10:57 AM

I think Danny is so not the one who killed regina, or his aunt like a lot of other viewers they say how can a small 11 year old boy do such of a thing and he's powerless to her he waighs way less then her and less strength and short so how could he do tht. and i am all most positive that Danny did not kill regina because how could he get to reginas house in 30 mins and kill her, in that short of a time frame, but then he says his mom stays up a lot at night. maybe she knew something about it and was trying really hard to cover it up. also she went in and took the blame because she really thinks danny did it and is trying to cover it up, but honestly i dnt ever kno this whole thing is (TWISTED) loli do wonder if danny's mom is so called his mom and and his dad had an affair with jo's mother? because if u watched every single episode the very last one jo's mom calls danny's dad and she did have a thing for him back then so what is the screatly still have a fling and he played dead so they could like sneak off and do it or chill while jo's dad is at work now i do think tht danny's dad had a thing with jo's mom and that jo's mom had her with danny dad and the our half siblings and danny knows because he caught them in action now i dont know if dannys Aunt was like beating him or ually abusing him and he hated her or she did not like his friends cause he was out playing with them so she did not get enough time to do what danny did not like her for but why does he half to keep it a secret like honesly let us know i'm so excited for season 2 and its the same month as my b-day what a gift ABC has done for me!!!!!!!!

Random Person August 18, 2013 | 5:16 PM

Well, I think that someone forced Danny to kill his aunt. I don't think that Danny killed Regina. I think that Danny's dad is still alive and had something to do with Regina's murder. I also think that who ever killed Regina also killed Tara[Danny's aunt] because of something to do with the necklace.

Emily August 13, 2013 | 5:03 PM

Could it be that Regina's mom had nothing to do with Regina's actual death and that her mom may not even know who really killed her, but that somehow she sealed her own daughters fate because of a relationship she had with Danny's dad? Maybe Vikram gave Regina's mom the necklace and she gave it to Regina? Would someone murder her to get the necklace?

Janice August 12, 2013 | 8:05 AM

I believe that Jo's mom killed Regina because it came out that she and Danny's dad had a thing back in school. It seems like she is still carrying a torch for Danny's dad who is probably still alive, found out about Regina and killed her, planting the necklace in Danny's locker and, in turn, keeping him away from Jo.

Pita August 06, 2013 | 11:16 AM

I agree! Me and my friends feel that jo (hasson) IS the romantic edge. Who doesn't root for her character every week? We always root for the underdog! There has to be another reason that Danny's character (jogia) feels protective of her. We feel Danny did it! He killed his aunt to keep the family secret so why would Regina be any different? She knew the family secret, fresh out of juvie, Danny silenced her. All the details we don't know . Danny with help from his dad? We,d never see that coming! We all want to believe Danny's a good guy. It would be SO twisted if he's the bad guy!!!!

Shannon August 06, 2013 | 12:50 AM

I don't think danny killed Regina. Lacey's friends each had motive, sarita and Scott ESP. Danny's dad is still alive but for some reason hasn't had contact with danny? He faked his own death and has a secret life. Regina knew the truth so Danny's dad also had motive. Danny told jo that she was the most important person to him, he wanted her to be happy and safe. Then danny falls for Lacey whom he no longer knows. It only makes since that danny would have fallen for jo and would never hurt her purposely. Yet he and Lacey are showing no regard for jo or her feelings. Is jo Danny's half sister as someone else earlier suggested? I like this show but if that's true, the show lost me as a viewer!! Gross!!

Simone July 31, 2013 | 1:11 AM

I truly think that killing Aunt Terra would be a bit of a stretch for Danny to do at 11 years old, especially if he wants to protect Jo and Lacey & keep the reasons behind her murder a secret. I also think that if he did kill Regina then why did he know nothing concerning his father's whereabouts if he is so entangled that far into the mystery of it all. He was incarcerated while his father was out free living some double life ( that we just found out about.) I just don't think it inconsequential that his father just so happens to "go missing" and have an apartment somewhere that he kept a secret for no apparent reason. Danny could just be protecting his father (concerning Aunt Terra.) So on that I do agree there. He has mentioned that telling anyone why he did it would hurt the town & his family. I also think that Chief Masterson's wife & Danny's father did have an affair while he was still married to Danny's mom. I also think that Regina was somehow connected to Danny's father & that is why she ended up dead, she served her purpose for the murderer & those that wanted to frame Danny. This whole thing is just too big for one teenager to plot out all by himself even if he was a sociopath.

Elaine July 24, 2013 | 11:59 AM

Anyone ever consider that Lacey is the one who killed Reginia? Maybe she already had strong feelings for Danny, and when she was at his house she read the text messages Regina sent to Danny after Danny fell asleep and she went over to her house to confront her about them and wound up killing her.

Interested July 24, 2013 | 6:51 AM

Could Jo be Danny's half-sister?

Winter J. July 23, 2013 | 8:47 AM

I know Danny didn't do it. I think that maybe someone framed him when he was little. Maybe Aunt Tara, like many of you guys said, was beating him. Maybe sleeping w/ Danny's dad. The necklace HAD to be a duplicate. I have a feeling that Danny's father isn't dead and that Jo's dad knows more than what he's putting on. Danny's mom is a weird character if you ask me. Seems like she's trying to cover something up. Regina got called by Scott and/or Sarita. Neither one of them liked Danny. I think it's a whole thing going on and all of the adults are involved in what's going on and I hope we find out more in the next episode!!!

Bailee July 20, 2013 | 9:28 PM

I think someone made danny kill his aunt and regina actualy knew who. And i think his dad is not dead and is the one who made danny kill his aunt and he kept reginas mouth shut because she knew a little too much about why.

tali July 13, 2013 | 4:25 PM

love this show cant stop watching i think it was danny or who ever danny is proctect the same person who killed his aunt or made him kill his aunt idk love danny my new tv hunk and love the show great job abc family

Taryn July 10, 2013 | 5:56 PM

"Which side of the family did Aunt Tara belong to? Is it possible Danny's father was sleeping with Aunt Tara? Was that necklace a gift from dear old dad? Did Regina's necklace imply she's spent time in Mr. Desai's backseat, too? (After all, we already know she had ty tendencies.)" I'm sorry, but we've seen Danny's mother (Denise Richards) and we've seen flashbacks of his father, as well as pictures of his aunt...not trying to be racist, but really? Kind of difficult to be confused as to which side of the family Aunt Tera (Tara?) came from. Not sure how you could miss that one, Captain Obvious.

Summer July 08, 2013 | 9:51 AM

It wasn't Danny. Either times, and also I don't think his father is really dad. In fact, whatever is going on, involves his father. And I think his aunt was really his mother...

Chloe July 04, 2013 | 11:31 PM

I think that Danny had nothing to do with Regina's murder. The only link that could "possibly" put him as a suspect is the Similar Necklace and the Text Message received when Lacey was asleep. It would have to be someone who is good at covering up their work, someone who knew that Danny's aunt Terra owned that necklace and someone who planned it out properly. The necklace was first introduced when Danny talked to Regina and asked her about it. He was confronted about that necklace in Episode 2 instantly he recognised it and played his poker face well. Concluding the episode he pulled it out from under his bed. I believe that he was destroying all those family photos to stop the police pointing the guilty finger at him but only that back fired when the police took it as "Oh there must be a connection! It's Terra s necklace! Its the same one!". Then again I don't know how Jo's dad could use the Necklace as a strong motive for both Terra s and Regina s murder because its just a necklace. The text message could have been another frame for Danny. It did frustrate Danny slightly but there is no evidence that he went there to murder her. Lacey said that she went to sleep at about midnight 12am and Danny said he never left the house after the time of 12:30am. So the police only have a 30min period that could've been used to kill Regina. This is when a autopsy report who come into the picture; How she was killed? Was she assaulted? Was the scene cleaned up? I don't think Danny (accused Sociopath) could do this. All this comes to a dead end because there is no concrete proof there are foundations but its not set or confirmed. The Necklace and Text Message Meet up are factors of investigation and suspicion but not pure proof. The Tv Series has just started so there are more secrets and more reveals to come and I believe its too early to point fingers as to who committed both Terra and Regina s murder. -Chloe from Australia

Ash June 29, 2013 | 7:32 PM

I agree with Joe, (commenter on the top), I don't think Danny actually killed his Aunt Terra. He was a small 11 yr old boy, who clearly did not have the physical strength or capacity to strangle a fully grown woman, especially with something as flimsy as a jump rope. (most jump ropes manufactured these days don't hold together as well as the first jump ropes made way back when everything was built to last.) I think someone else killed her, and he witnessed it happening and was threatened to take the blame and never tell anyone because being a minor he couldn't be punished the same way an adult would.

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