What Will Dean Be Up To In Season 9?

Get his own storyline? Bond with Castiel again? We speculate on what could happen to Dean in Supernatural Season 9

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural

Now that we've speculated both on the ways that Bobby could return to Supernatural next season and some things we think Castiel could do next year, we thought we'd spend some time talking about Dean. So here are our theories on some things we think the eldest Winchester could be up to in Supernatural Season 9.

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He could actually have his own story

We're not usually ones to jump on the "Dean never gets his own story" bandwagon, but even we have to admit that the eldest Winchester didn't do much in Season 8 except provide support for other characters. Even his adventures in Purgatory, which were amazing to watch, were only given to us in snippets as flashbacks. So in Season 9, we think that Dean could get some time in the spotlight and actually have a season-long story arc that revolves around him.

He could find joy in hunting again

Do you remember back in the early seasons when Dean thought that hunting was just about the best Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernaturalthing in the whole wide world? He went through life cracking jokes, driving his car, sleeping with women in any town they stopped, saving people and having an awesome time doing all of it. Recent seasons have put the weight of the world literally on Dean's shoulders, and he's understandably not had as much fun with his job as he used to. So we think it would be fun to see him get back to that joy he used to feel, even if it's only for a little while.

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He could bond with Castiel again

We already expounded on our theories about what could happen to Castiel next season, but now we'd like to talk about the idea of Castiel and Dean becoming friends again. Ever since Cas made the decision that ultimately put him under control by the Leviathan, he and Dean have been at odds. There has been some reconciliation there, but we're dying to see Dean and Cas get back to that friendship that they had a few seasons back. The good news is that now that Castiel has fallen, there is a good chance that they could become like family again.

He could find a way to get Benny back

Speaking of bonding, brotherhood and friendships, another thing we hope Dean might do next season is find a way to bring Benny back. Dean's vampire buddy certainly had it rough once he returned to earth, and we know that he ultimately did want to go back to Purgatory because he felt he belonged there, but we still selfishly want him back. Even if it's just for an episode or two, we think Benny deserves better than to be locked away in Purgatory — and we know Dean is just the guy to get him back.

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He could save the world

All right, we know we said this about Castiel as well, but these articles are all about what characters could do on the show, and frankly, it's possible that Dean could save the world. We're not exactly sure how, seeing as the story at this point centers around Metatron kicking the angels out of Heaven and the fact that the Gates of Heaven can't be closed without killing Sam. But hey, anything's possible, right?

Stay tuned for our next article as we look into what Sam could do next season.

What do you think? Got any theories on what Dean could do next season? Let us know!

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Comments on "5 Things Dean could do in Supernatural Season 9"

---- December 19, 2013 | 6:07 PM

lisa and ben meet up with dean again without the memories of him but maybe she still has one of the pictures of him from when they were together and begins to rember the hospital and the demon inside her, the solution to returning the angel to haven could be that there dead hunter friends should find a way to bring them back.

Elizabeth O October 06, 2013 | 10:10 PM

I love the show SUpernatural more then any other show I have ever liked and it has made my life better and helped me get thru some tough times due to I had something to look forward to. I think Deans character has been great He has been the strong character who is more action. I love him and have found his character to be almost perfect. I do not want the Lucifer-Michael story due to I think they may end the seiries with that and I m not ready for it to end plus that is the type of story that should be used once. I do not at all want Lisa brought back in. I didnt particularly ever like that character and when Dean was with her he was different and not the character the show is about. I love that he do what he was trained all his life is to take care of his brother and be protective. That is what he has always known plus they have a special bloodline on both sides and that is why they do what they do and have had what happens. They were meant for this. I like when they get rid of the bad to help other people. I hope they meet up with Cas and hel[p him and protect him. Now that Sam is older they will have someone who is naive and not up to the ways of the world. I love Cas as much as I love Dean and Sam (??) and i like the spark he brings when he is on the screen and I love the interaction between him and Dean. I just love them all and the show def has made my life better. I def dont want Dean with Lisa at all. I just want them to be who they are and supposed to be and Cas adding to it as they teach him and watch over him as he learns about the world and how cruel it really is. I love the 3 characters and like to watch them as good looking heroes in a action show. If I wanted to watch a romantic show I could watch one ot the thousands that is on. This I want to be what I have always enjoyed and had as my good thought when I needed it . I agree with a lot of what Ryan said too. Again I hope they are with Cas and helping him against the angels and all working together being who they have been DEAN SAME CAS YAY I LOVE YOU

Patti September 30, 2013 | 10:22 AM

I want Dean to find joy in hunting again, as many fans would. And I want him to be reunited with Lisa and Ben. I do believe Ben is his son. Mostly, I would like to see the 'bromance' back in full effect!

Kaiya September 25, 2013 | 9:29 AM

To hook up again! (Hopefully with Cas)

Mia September 16, 2013 | 4:33 AM

I want to see Dean continuing to be awesome, and both boys being involved in an arc that they both have to go through equally and not just be pawns for heaven and hell. They are both worth more than that and if I'm honest Castiel is passed his sell by date, he changed the show for the worse for me, he was an interesting plot device for a few episodes and then this ridiculous totally hyped up Destiel fan relationship came literally out of nowhere based on limited canon and has wound me up ever since. I want Sam to get the character development that Dean does and both of them involved in their own non angel stories. Together though, the Winchesters are not as awesome seperate.

Laura August 21, 2013 | 6:10 PM

I feel that the author of this article missed out on Dean hugely. Season eight and Season nine of Supernatural have been all about Dean. He's had a massive story arc over the last two seasons that a lot of watchers seem to have missed. "You made this?" "We have a kitchen now." Perhaps it's not been constant fighting and insurmountable odds for Deans personally, but it's just as important. Since he was four years old, Dean has wanted to keep his family together, safe, and happy. He's wanted to give Sam a home, and John a home to come back to. They had it very temporarily with Bobby, but it just wasn't quite the same as a real, proper home, and with Lisa and Ben it just wasn't enough. Now they have one. That's what the last two seasons have been about. They're been about Dean immersing himself in this, and really coming into it. About him realizing that there is a place where he can keep his loved ones safe, and happy, and protected, and embracing it. And that's just as important.

deb August 12, 2013 | 9:55 AM

hey i agree defo bout time dean has a proper story for once he hasnt really had anything properly since season five and if they dont plan on bringing lisa and ben back then its time for him to meet someone new he s not a monk but he s been living like one since he let lisa go not very realistic is it come on writers give him someone proper x

Ryan August 02, 2013 | 1:40 PM

@Ron This is one of the worst interpretations of a character i've ever read. Dean being a flawed character is something that gives him depth, it doesn't make him useless. Sam has made his fair share of mistakes too if you recall, Ruby most notably. And don't even start on playing the "whiny" card. You've sampled about one or two episodes of Dean "whining". One could argue that whininess was half of sam's character personality in Season 1 at least. The panic room and Castiel beating Dean up had literally nothing to do with his decision in saying no to Michael. That would be Sam's support to thank for that. The writers, i'm sure, have the intention to make the brothers be equals overall throughout the show or at least that's how i'd like to interpret it. It's not some pissing contest to see who deserves their own story-arc. Frankly I find Dean's character the more interesting one of the two. Of course I like sam as well. I just find myself humored at the thought of Dean Winchester in various situations, because I find his interactions with places and the people around him more interesting. And FYI Dean is a hell of a lot more than a Sidekick. Let's do a body count: Dean-Killed Yellow Eyes, Killed Ruby, Killed Zachariah, Killed Eve, Killed Roman Sam-Killed Lilith, Disables War, Disables Famine, Traps Lucifer and Michael If you want to get technical, Dean has killed 5 major villains and Sam has killed 1. But I felt everything else was fair game so I counted it. That being said it is even at 5-5. EQUALS

Amethyst July 26, 2013 | 1:14 AM

I love everyone and I want to see all of the boys find some happiness in this season. Everything has been so serious and earth-shattering for the last few seasons, it would be great to see some fun stuff again. Maybe Dean can find joy in hunting again while teaching Cas to hunt. And, above all, I really want to see Bobby come back! I think that would make the show complete again. I don't ever want this show to end, my world revolves around it! No matter what day the show has been on, those 60 minutes are always off limits to everyone! I will not leave the house, I will not take phone calls, and I will not be bothered! I think that if they ever lose their minds and decide to end the show, they should do the finale as a full length, cinema released movie! The box office take would be astronomical! And just think of all of the awesome things they could do in a movie, especially if it was rated R!! ;)

roxi July 06, 2013 | 7:31 PM

To Anna: I NEVER once said I wanted SPN to be all about Dean! And no, to me and many others, Dean merely existing to look after Sam and worry about Cas is NOT a storyline. The problem is SPN is ALWAYS all about Sam! How about some equal treatment for once? being disappointed about this does NOT mean I dislike Sam! So tired of that accusation.

Liz June 29, 2013 | 11:33 PM

Yes, I agree completely, Dean needs a mytharc storyline of his own, that's about him and that he's active in. The imbalance in the show that past few seasons has hurt the quality of the show. Jensen is an amazing actor and Dean is an iconic character. They are both co-leads and are not supporting actors/characters.

Raye June 28, 2013 | 2:17 PM

@Illa I agree with Ikeke35. You have a very interesting theory. I think one of the things that I miss from the first 5 seasons is the sense that all the season arcs are connected, going in a direction, building towards something. I would love to see the bigger picture tie together in an unexpected way so that I feel less like I do now, which is that every season since 5 is dragging me through plot points (and then this happened, and then this happened..) without any over-riding foreboding of what its all amounting to (as the first 5 seasons did). SO! If they could tie everything since season six up with a nice little over-arching bow I would not only be very happy for the characters, I would be immensely proud of the writers!!! (who kinda let me down in season 8) Also I love Roy's idea of freeing michael and lucifer from the cage to win back heaven. 1) because I absolutely loved lucifer as a character, perfect badguy, mostly thanks to Mark Pellegrino. 2) I always felt bad that Adam got left in the pit! It just felt wrong to me. When Dean saved Sam and couldn't save Adam I ached for Dean having to make that call (even though the choice was obvious). But it's always struck me as strange that Adam has NEVER been mentioned since then. The Winchesters are all about brotherhood and they've left theirs to rot without any real on screen effort to remedy the situation. It feels out of character!!!

lkeke35 June 28, 2013 | 7:39 AM

@Illa: That's the most interesting thing I've read on this page.It would be very interesting to see that. It's still backtracking but at least it's in a new way. Also one can never get enough Bamf!Dean.I'd like to see more of him. I don't care whether or not he's part of the mytharc as long as he's enjoying himself the way he once did. I loved seeing him in the Titans episode. He almost got to hunt zombies, or so he thought. You could see he was very excited about that. I'd love to see that version of Dean more often.

Anna June 27, 2013 | 11:40 AM

@roxi First of all Ill say I'm guessing your a Dean girl, am i right? Yup, kinda obvious the way your making Dean seem like he doesnt get 'The Spotlight'. Well, I'm not a Sam girl or a Dean girl. I'm a Winchester girl. Anyways, I think Dean shouldn't get a girl. I mean we all know how that worked for both of them. A relationship the way that we want couldnt ever work, for either of them. Because we want them happy, and happy would mean no more hunting, and that wouldn't be fun. So we've got to deal with casual hook-ups, which IS more Dean's style.Now, I'm not a big fan of 'Destiel' it doesnt mean im a homophobe or anything, I just don't think he should be with Cas in that sort of way, because then he wouldn't be the macho guy we all know and love. And him getting his own story? Well, it's not really who get's their story because their in it together. It's just who Dean is to mother-henn Sam and protect him by any means possible. The show wouldn't work without that bond. Although I do agree that he didn't have as much a big role as Sam, but I think I'd be worried if he didn't react that way.I mean their relationship is on the mend, so I'd understand if he'd be thinking about Sam alot. hasn't their bond been severed enough? Both boys wouldn't be themselves without the other. And about the show writers making Dean seem like he's not smart, what show are you watching? Cause the way I see it, Deans a street smart, ass-kicking, impala driving, smoking hunter. Now as for them making Sam seem more attractive, dude again what show? All the time every goddamn waitress or random chick just hits on him. When do women NOT drool over him. I'm not complaining, cause I find it kinda funny, but really? People need to stop focusing on one character and start ditching the other because he 'doesnt have a story' because they do. Sam is a hunter who is trying to outgrow what he was 'destined' to be. Dean is a hunter who will protect humanity even if it means not having a normal life. The show is not about solely one character, its about the Wichester brothers kicking monsters' asses together and trying to stay alive. That's it.

mya shaw June 27, 2013 | 10:52 AM

i think Dean should be reunited with Cas,and Dean should have a real romance!!!!!

Jodi June 24, 2013 | 6:40 PM

I would love to see Jessie , the half human half demon kid, come back and help out Sam and Dean.

Gianni June 24, 2013 | 3:30 PM

I think that Sam and Dean have sacrificed so much for themselves and others. Having something good like John Winchester reuniting with his sons would be good for the show, just like the old days hunting together and protecting each other from the supernatural.

deb June 22, 2013 | 10:43 AM

he should have his own story i agree he hasnt had much goin on lately i think he should reunite with lisa and ben as well he deserve s to have some happiness after all he s gone through fans that are on about dean and cass bein more than freinds in the future is a definite no no for me they are good freinds lets just keep it that way deans always been a ladies man it just wouldnt be realistic to try and change him so late in the show all i want is to see him get a dam good story for the last two seasons would be good.

Karla June 18, 2013 | 2:58 PM

I agree with Shelia. Find a way to have Dean reunite with Ben and Lisa. Maybe Ben has turned to hunting with Krissy and her pals. Maybe it is in his blood?

George June 18, 2013 | 1:58 PM

I want to see Sammy on demon blood again.

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