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The Superman reboot is here just in time for summer, which got us thinking about the less in-your-face, less cape-wearing men of steel. Would people be as into Superman if he was chubby and wore ill-fitting clothing? What if he was hot, but couldn’t fly? With this in mind, here are a few unlikely men of steel.

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Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifiankis

Fat Jesus to the rescue! (Said no one, ever). While Zach’s character on The Hangover did sort of rescue a baby (inasmuch as he didn't leave the baby alone in a hotel room, only to expose him to all sorts of other dangers) it’s hard to image the slow-moving, slow-acting Galifianakis as a superhero. Now, if we found ourselves in need of someone who’s wickedly hilarious to zoom around and cure the terminally depressed, he might be our guy.

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