Celebrity Wife Swap: Joan Rivers Gets Bristol

Bristol Palin is overwhelmed by the "formality" of Joan Rivers' Hollywood lifestyle and Melissa Rivers is equally horrified by Bristol's parenting style.

Bristol Palin in casual jacket.

Bristol Palin and Joan Rivers together under the same roof? Yep, that's the genius work of ABC's Celebrity Wife Swap.

The network announced today that Sarah Palin's oldest daughter Bristol will star alongside Joan and Melissa Rivers when Celebrity Wife Swap returns with its new season on June 23, 2013.

Bristol and her 4-year-old son, Tripp, will leave the cold comforts of Wasilla, Alaska, and move to Los Angeles, California, where she'll live with Joan Rivers for two weeks. The premise is that Bristol takes over for Melissa and Melissa heads to Alaska to fill in as Bristol.

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Since Bristol Palin is used to a relaxed and casual home environment, ABC explained the major Hollywood lifestyle of Joan and Melissa Rivers was an uncomfortable adjustment Palin.

"Every day in the [Rivers] house is scheduled to the minute. While the Rivers' home is bustling with assistants, crew members, and cameras, the family still finds time to sit down for dinner every night. Stepping into Melissa's shoes, Bristol Palin is not prepared for the Rivers' formality and schedule, and is reluctant to fill in as the executive producer for [their E! television show] Fashion Police.

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Not to be outdone, the Celebrity Wife Swap episode also shows Melissa Rivers in total shock at the lack of structure in Bristol's life.

"What Tripp says goes in the Palin household," said ABC. "When Melissa Rivers arrives in Wasilla, she's surprised to see snow on the ground — in May! Meeting [Bristol's younger sister] Willow and Tripp, Melissa finds it a challenge to deal with Tripp's boyish exuberance, and feels that he needs to have a set daily routine.

Our translation: Joan and Melissa Rivers live crazy overbooked lives in Hollywood glamour while Bristol Palin leads a messy and chaotic life with her lax parenting style.

Watch the full episode of Celebrity Wife Swap to catch all the drama that goes on with Bristol and Melissa on Sunday, June 23, 2013 on ABC.

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Comments on "Bristol Palin's chaotic parenting style horrifies Melissa Rivers"

leslee March 23, 2014 | 5:42 PM

Glad to know that Mama is spending all those donations to promote herself and her new reality show on the Sportsman Channel. Thought SuperPacs were supposed to be used for contributions to campaign efforts--but apparently this is just a tax free slush fund for the Palin family. Anyway, we see the promos and learn that Sarah is pretending to be a great sled dog musher--but didn't see her name listed as a finalist in the Idiotrod. Same as the unemployed husband, didn't see his name as a finalist in the Iron Doggie. And Bristol is going to show us once again her mechanical bull riding skills. That leaves Grumpy Chuck to show us the loaded gun he keeps under his pillow and Brother Chuckles to show us how he has become the great gold miner since he knocked up that other teacher at his school and his wife divorced him. Seems odd that the only people that $arah has respect for in the great outdoors lives at her house and the filming is all done in Alaska so she can pretend that she is an unemployed Alaskan who is getting a job pnly because of the Palin staff producing the episodes. Then she will soak the State of Alaska for big tax credits for filming in her former home town. No wonder this bimbo had so many valid unethical charges filed against her--this seems like she is cheating the citizens of her home state with a bill that she passed during her half term. Hmmmmmmm?

Marcus January 28, 2014 | 3:42 PM

sad that the Palins are so blind that they don't see what hypocrites they have become. They jump on the bandwagon to criticize everyone just to get themselves attention but then it turns out that all their criticism is just a reflection of what everyone thinks of them. Such ugly, immature comments from Bristol--she just repeats every hateful thing that her mother has said and then thinks that she should be forgiven for her lack of knowledge. She has no integrity and no personal values but thinks that if people read what her Christian ghost writer has written, people will think her advise has value.

paula January 28, 2014 | 3:35 PM

Latest comments from Bristol the Pistol is that she and her mom are great parents and that nobody should vote for Wendy Davis in Texas because she is a bad mother. Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black. Wendy Davis has daughters who love her and she is proud of them. Sarah Palin couldn't offer Bristol any help when it came to parenting, so she had to beg Joan and Melissa Rivers for guidance. Looking at the Palin family, it is doubtful that these hillbillies realize how dysfunctional their family is. None of them have jobs--they are just grifters and con artists who are looking for victims to pay for their expensive life style. There is a saying that people who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones. Sad to say but if you became pregnant while still in high school and have an illegitimate son; you talk like a drunken sailor but brag about being a Christian; you donned the skimpy outfits and shook your butt and boobs on national TV because you were like a beached whale and had no energy to dance; if you wrote a trashy book and blamed all your poor choices in life on your ex boyfriend; if you spend all your time calling the tabloids or paparazzi trying to sell them pictures of yourself and the son whom you consider your little meal ticket; if you cannot read or write so have to hire a ghost writer to make entries for you on your Facebook and Twitter accounts-- then just maybe the majority of Americans don't want to hear your trash talk about people who actually have to work to earn a living. It is so much easier for Bristol because her Mommy gives her a big salary from the PAC even though she holds no job. It is time for Bristol to stop her lying and give Wendy Davis some credit for being smart enough to get a good education and for raising two daughters who have class and are well educated. It sure seems like the Palins are very jealous of anyone who has the skills or polish that they lack.

Max September 30, 2013 | 6:04 PM

Why in the world would Bristol the Pistol want to go on a reality show where everyone would see that she is a horrible mother. Melissa couldn't believe how poorly educated Bristol was when it came to how to be a parent--you would think that one of the relatives would have stepped in long ago and taught her some parenting tips--like Sarah or even the stupid doctor she works for who pays her top money as his office manager but allows her to talk non-stop on the phone with the tabloids instead of working. Bristol needs to decide whether she is her son's talent agent looking for reality shows for him to be on or whether she wants him to be a polite, well behaved little kid. Melissa did a great job of getting things under control but Bristol has abandoned all of the ideas Melissa suggested. Tripper seemed to have a reputation around Wasilla of being a poorly behaved, spoiled little brat--and the people at the restaurants all praised Melissa for her efforts at getting him under control--but apparently Bristol can get more money and attention for the Palin family if he is acting up. Whatever happened to the idea of Sunny and Levi being the parent and Bristol paying them child support and getting visiting rights? Sometimes you have to make tough choices about what is best for the child--and it seems like she is not the better of the two parents. Levi now has a job and a responsible wife and a sister for Tripper--now might be a good time for get the parenting issue under control. Let Mama Grizzly and Brisdull run off to Hollywood and give Levi a chance with his son.

myrna August 17, 2013 | 3:53 PM

So Bristol wanted to buy herself a boat to go with her party house on Lake Lucille--and she had no skills so she had her agents contact Wife Swap to see if they would show her out-of-control son and get her family some media attention. Hope she likes her pontoon boat--she exploited her son and made him the poster child of a spoiled rotten little brat who runs the household. A better suggestion would have been to keep his personal problem behavior private and go to a therapist to learn the parenting skills she lacks. Have to feel sorry for anyone who belongs to the family of grifters--bad behavior is rewarded with very expensive toys more appropriate for someone who is in high school and this family puts no value on a good education or good manners or kindness towards others. Melissa did a fantastic job of setting up appropriate rules to get Tripped under control -- and now Bristol has abandoned all of the rules because she didn't want help in teaching her parenting skills--all she wanted was a chance to be on TV and to get a boat. If you have no family values and are willing to exploit your child in order to make money and get media attention, then you are no better than a prostitute. Cindy McCain saw that Bristol would be an unfit mother and offered to help; Melissa and Joan Rivers also saw the harm that Bristol and Sarah are causing this little boy--but Bristol is a know-it-all and she thinks the purpose of this program was for her to play her victim card and act like she is better than everyone else. Bristol shows all of America that she is keeping Tripped because she is selfish and has no love for him and isn't even interested in his well being.

Leonne August 07, 2013 | 4:22 PM

Here goes the Palins attacking someone who is trying to help them. Looks like the crazy family from Alaska wants to have an out of control child that behaves poorly so they can keep getting him State money for filming a reality show in Alaska. How can a person be so greedy that they think getting themselves media attention and money from the State of Alaska is more important to them that trying to change things so he isn't known as the the Queen of Greed's grandson. We can only imagine that the McCains or the Rivers or even Levi could give this child a better life than what he is now getting. Apparently they think it is OK if Tripp hits his Aunt--his behavior is so awful that if I were Levi, I would never let him come near his new baby sister. Joan Rivers is right--Brizdull is always playing the victim card and her mental age is close to ten years old. Sometimes it is impossible to fix STUPID.

schwartz August 07, 2013 | 4:12 PM

Melissa Rivers has to be a saint to put up with all the crap from the Palins. Bristol doesn't have the foggiest idea about raising a responsible young son--her Mommy cannot give her any suggestions--the townspeople in Wasilla don't want to help out because this family is just bad news--so it is Melissa's job to bring the train wreck to a stop. She handled things nicely--the locals were all impressed how she could take a spoiled little brat and set up a system to reward him for good behavior. And Bristol is so jealous of Melissa's success that she chooses to bad mouth Joan to get even. What a sorry, ugly family! Now Bristol is bragging that she isn't even using anything that Melissa worked so hard to set up--seemed like Tripp's behavior improved under Melissa's guidance and just about everybody in Wasilla was horrified how poorly Tripp behaved before Melissa worked her magic. Next reality show we will be able to judge Bristol's parenting skills or whether it is hopeless.

Pedra August 02, 2013 | 8:48 AM

In popularity polls, Levi always comes out with a more favorable rating as a parent than Bristol. Big question is if everyone knows she is a lousy mother, why does Bristol keep doing reality shows to let everyone know there is no improvement. Apparently her message is that Tripp is really screwed up and she might as well make some money so she can enjoy her time away from him. I guess buying a four year old his own snowmobile and telling him to go out on the icy lake with it and then buying him a new boat because she was on the Wife Swap and showed what other people in Wasilla think of his bad behavior was worth Bristol's efforts to buy her dream boat--or even when she bought that expensive home in Arizona and then called in the media so everyone would know what the inside of her house looked like in case they wanted to drop by while she was sleeping. She must think that every girl is jealous of her--truth is that they all feel sorry for how immature and irresponsible Princess Palin is.

connie August 01, 2013 | 6:28 AM

Bristol is such a spoiled little snot. She makes a comment about how "humble" her lake front house is. This house cost over $400,000 and then she remodeled it to make it more of a party house. Most people her age cannot afford a house like that--and if they do, they don't pretend that it is just a shack--and most don't live the life of the rich and famous. Melissa Rivers is more main street America and realistic--that is why she doesn't let Bristol's comment about her modest home go by without offering an opinion. Sure, Mama Grizzly has a nicer home but she got FOX to pay for the things that weren't stolen when the Wasilla Sports Center was built while Mama was Mayor. And who would believe that Bristol with her pretend office manager job at the Dermatologist's Office (where she never has to come in and work) could afford mortgage payments based on that job alone. Kind of makes you wonder what name Bristol goes by in the SuperPac quarterly report--but we all know she is one of the top paid political consultant for the lady who holds no political office but is allowed by the IRS to spend all that money on herself and her family. Wouldn't it be nice if we all could afford to hire lawyers to set up scams to cheat the Government to avoid paying taxes?

mila July 30, 2013 | 6:02 AM

Bristol and Sarah Palin could not live like the Rivers. They have things under control--and Connor seems like he is well adjusted and can have fun and also has social graces and can spend time with adults without chewing gum and constantly saying yah or ummm. He doesn't walk around with a cell phone in his hand at all times, just in case there is someone who wants to interview him or take pictures for the tabloids. There is no sense in thinking that the Palins are victims--they beg for all that media attention and every time they are out in the public, they are looking for an opportunity to create drama and get attention. The worse Tripp behaves, the more they reward him--afterall, he is bringing attention their way. Good or bad attention, it is better than no attention at all. "What's in it for us?" is the Palin theme song--the more drama, the better--that's what gets them media attention. Every time there is a stalker or wink/wink rape threat or white baby powder in an envelope, it gives them a chance to play the victim card and to get media attention. Palins are always looking for opportunities like that.

shelly July 26, 2013 | 10:19 PM

Well, it looks like Joan Rivers was right about the Palins. They think they are experts on everything and always want to play the victim card. Bristol's latest version of the experience was that Joan Rivers called her son the I word (not sure if illegitimate is even worse than being called the R word.) Listen to the show--everyone knows that Joan did not-that she merely said that in the 50's Tripp would have been called illegitimate because he was born and his parents were not married. Joan is telling the truth--back then pregnant girls were not allowed to go to high school classes. Joan also said that Bristol was very experienced at playing the victim card. That is also very true and this is just an example of how she tries to rally all her mom's supporters into ganging up against the Rivers family. Melissa worked hard at getting it so that Tripp could even go into a public place without everyone cringing and talking about how bad his behavior was. She got great results at getting Tripp on a regular schedule and being rewarded for good behavior. The thanks she got from the Palins was nothing--Bristol stopped the systems that Melissa set up and then went on the Boards to criticize Joan Rivers. What a hypocrite--what Joan says is no worse than what Bristol and Sarah say every day. Palins seem to think that they are the only ones who are allowed to twist the truth and say ugly comments about a different person on a daily basis. Joan doesn't attack the Presidents' family--but the Palins do. Sarah is so aggressive and bitter that she would claw out the eyes of anyone who gets in her way and then laugh and use the excuse "that is what Grizzly Mamas do to protect their young." So sad that she chooses to condemn everything that the Democrats do--but praises Snowden for being a traitor to our Country. That is just one example of how Sarah is so quick to take sides on any issue without even taking time to learn the facts. All we can say is that McCain didn't vett Sarah enough--she is a loose cannon that has anger issues and needs a lot of mental therapy. More like Hitler or Castro--she doesn't have the slightest idea of how a person with class should behave.

Makia July 21, 2013 | 7:15 PM

Not too sure why Sarah Palin ever had kids--must be because she enjoyed so much but she sure hasn't taught her own kids anything about the responsibilities of parenthood. Parents are supposed to love their kids and offer them a safe place to fall. Sarah's feelings toward Bristol and Willow are more of hate--all of Sarah's kids have been little troublemakers, more interested in booze and and drugs and vandalism than in becoming well rounded young adults. We watched Life's a Tripp and saw that both Willow and Bristol were just as mean spirited and dishonest as their parents. The worse Tripped behaved, the funnier the adults thought it was and both Mama and Bristol told us to be sure and watch the show, as Tripped was the kind of kid that any parent would love to be theirs. Guess what, mainstream America turned off the show because they didn't want to see any more of this spoiled little brat's boorish behavior and Bristol's inability to set any limits. There is no way that Levi and Sunny could be worse parents! Maybe it is time for Bristol and Mommy Grizzled to dump out their cell phones and stop begging the tabloids to print stories and pictures about them. Time for them to get some common sense and realize that they have flunked parenthood 101 and that Melissa Rivers had a lot of good ideas for them. Bristol needs to stop trying to change the successful homelife that the Rivers family can give their son; and look in the mirror to see that she is a failure when it comes to raising her child. There is more to being a mother than showing the entire world what an awful child Tripped is or bragging about how hot your mommy is.

jewel July 20, 2013 | 6:22 AM

For supposedly being such a strong Christian, it seems strange that we can all watch Bristol, Willow and Tripp and agree that there are no family values in this home. Imagine a Christian who laughs when her son drops f bombs or anti- comments. Obviously, Tripper learned these values from his family. Imagine a mother who actually uses her son as her meal ticket, exploiting his bad behavior so that she can promote herself and make money. Most moms would protect their child's privacy and try to give them a normal life out of the limelight. Not the Palins--Bristol calls the photographers to report where and when she will be at a certain place and then she teaches her son to act disrespectful and have temper tantrum when they are their. Bristol and Willow actually laughed when Tripper stuck out his tongue and made ugly gestures toward the paparazzi. Bristol and Sarah are more interested in their cell phones and media appearance than what is best for Tripper or Trigger. Shame on them! Melissa Rivers is not the only mother in America who is absolutely embarrassed about how Bristol is parenting her son. Child Protective Service should be involved in looking out for what is best for Tripper. Even the Mama of Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians show more love for their children (and that isn't saying much!)

Lizzie July 19, 2013 | 2:44 PM

Bristol Palin was all chummy with Melissa and Joan Rivers until she got her money and was home with her Mom. Now she is saying that she doesn't respect them because Joan says mean and hurtful things about her and her mommy. The ink had hardly dried on the big check for Willow and Bristol and then the hypocrites started hurling insults in the direction of Melissa and Joan. It sure seems like the Palins are saying hurtful things against anyone who they disagree with--intelligent people can argue about issues but the Palins make their living by being controversial and verbally attacking others. It seems like what the Rivers does that gets both Sarah and Bristol so upset is the same that the Palins do to everyone in the present Administration. I guess in the Palins' world they can target whoever they want to because they are Christians but the Rivers cannot, because they are Jewish???

Cory July 19, 2013 | 6:06 AM

Why in the ---- doesn't Levi try to get custody of this kid? Anything would be better than the way the Palins are exploiting Tripper and trying to make him into the next Shirley Temple or child star. Ask anyone what they think of this kid and they will tell you that he is spoiled rotten and a little brat that is poorly behaved. Stop calling the kid names and see that he gets some adult guidance so he isn't laughed at and rewarded every time he farts or burps. Imagine how embarrassing it must have been when Melissa goes into a Wasilla restaurant with him and nobody even wants him to come into their diner because he is so poorly behaved? Melissa was a good parent and she understands what a parent is supposed to do. I wouldn't even want to hire Bristol or Willow as a babysitter-they can turn a good kid into bad within minutes because they act like ten year olders themselves. Palins sure like the camera and media attention but they lack all common sense. I bet Levi or Melissa or even a foster home would be better than living with this family that looks for any opportunity to make money off of a child.

Lawrence July 17, 2013 | 8:35 PM

Bristol has a weird way of thanking the Rivers for giving her all that money to be on their wife swap. Melissa came up with realistic rewards for Tripp to eliminate all the rewards for bad behavior that Bristol and Willow have been giving him. The little guy actually looked like he was enjoying behaving for Melissa and he was able to go into a restaurant without looking like a spoiled little brat who thought he could push everyone around. Bristol, however, really didn't change anything at the Rivers household--Melissa's son was well behaved and could socially interact with both friends and adults; while Bristol had trouble fitting in without talking about how important her mommy was to her. Now that Bristol is home and her mommy is telling her what to say, Bristol whines about how Joan Rivers says that Bristol should not have been on Dancing with the Stars. She joked that instead of cha-cha-cha Bristol must have been doing the cha-cha-chew because she claimed to be practicing eight hours a day and still managed to gain weight. Grow up, Bristol, Joan was just saying what everyone else was thinking. You did get a bigger tummy every week and you had no energy and Mark pretty much was like a tow truck or a crane, the way he had to drag or lift you into the different dance steps. When you claim to be a star and get all that money for appearing on DWTS, you have to take the good with the bad. God has never told anyone that because you are Sarah's daughter, nobody can comment about you. You criticize or make fun of people all the time--apparently you think that it is OK if the Palins spread their hateful messages but nobody can say anything negative about the Palins. That is ridiculous--if you want to be in the limelight and get a lot of money, you have to take the bad with the good. If you don't want to be the subject of negative comments, stop being such a grifter and stop calling attention to yourself by constantly calling the tabloids to tell them where you will be. If you are so horrified by what Joan Rivers said about you, why did you even agree to come on HER show.

Marla July 16, 2013 | 12:05 PM

Bristol pretends to be a Christian but has no family values; makes money by throwing her son under the bus so everyone can see how naughty and spoiled he is; and she whines about every little thing, usually repeating what her Mama Grizzly and her ghost writer have said the day before. Bristol is thinking that everyone wants to know her opinion of what the President has said or done and that she is a role model who can speak for all young people. Nobody really cares what this Dumbo has to say. Average Joe thinks it is wrong that she feels she is so entitled that Willow should drop everything that she is doing and go home and babysit spoiled Trip because nobody else wants to. If Bristol wanted to keep her baby instead of having an abortion, that is her choice--but her constant whining about what a handful he is and how he has ruined her life and her Mama's chance for becoming Vice President in 2008 is getting rather old. Clearly Bristol was not cut out to be a Mom--and clearly she made a terrible choice when she decided that she would raise the little hellion. It would have been one thing if she could have counted on the help of her family in raising her son, but Bristol was raised by a family of losers that think that the only thing that is important is having lots of money and getting a lot of attention and that Levi should get all the blame because Bristol's birth control pills didn't work. Many celebrities are mature enough that they can give their child a good life with privacy and the parents not exploiting their children, but instead Bristol seems to think that Tripped is a terrible mistake and he should pay dearly for it. Melissa Rivers treated this family with kid gloves but most Americans would have called Child Protective Services and said that a little boy shouldn't have to be on these reality shows and that the Palins should be forced to put all his earnings from every show into a trust account that could not be touched until he is 18. That would teach Bristol that he is not her little money maker and that Granny and Bristol and Willow had better start giving him some rules for better behavior and stop treating him like the Little Prince.

grnma July 15, 2013 | 4:02 AM

reading more comments...the PALINS girls were dealing with an 80 year old rivers and 45 year old Melissa, give it a break the Palin girls are barley out of their teens, Melissa is the same age as their mother..pleaseeeeeeee

GRNMA July 15, 2013 | 3:53 AM

such hate for the Palins. wondering how well those who made such hateful remarks know the Palin family. ?you hate because most hateful people are godless,you hate Bristol she is beautiful, young honest and she has God with in and has done nothing to deserve your horrible Satan inspired remarks. what has this young lady done to merit such ?what has this world come too,?...evil is called good, and good is called evil, you bunch of devils.

virginia jack July 01, 2013 | 12:01 AM

Bristol palin is as stupid as the slob cunt her mother is.She is going to regret that she put all her eggs into one , the little palin troll just like his retard brother. the whole family should be put on a ice flow and sent to alaska or north korea.

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