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Powered by Tarot.com September 29 2016
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by Rick Levine | powered by Tarot.com
Logic overrides emotions today while the analytical Virgo Moon enables us to set aside our passions while we handle complicated events. We can fall back into old habits while needy Venus and the Moon form disquieting aspects with wounded Chiron. We're hesitant to express our desires if we're afraid of being ignored or, worse yet, rejected. Nevertheless, we still might say what's on our minds when irrepressible Uranus steps into the picture.
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The Hanged Man
Traditionally, the card known as the Hanged Man usually indicates a lack of ability to help oneself through independent action. This energy is arrested and awaiting judgment. With this card, there is no avenue for the will to regain control until the situation has passed.

This represents a good time to be philosophical, to study and meditate upon the position you find yourself in, and form resolutions for the moment you become free again. Only those who possess wisdom, patience and optimism will be able to see through limitations, including possible humiliation, to grasp the inspiring lesson one can gain from such an experience.

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