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Rich Santos

Dating/Relationship Expert -- At first take, you might think a "dating expert" is immune to making mistakes in romantic endeavors , but they say you learn most of your lessons by making mistakes. With his impressive resume of stupid things said to women, dating mishaps, and lack of mystery when trying his hardest to be mysterious, Rich brings much knowledge learned the hard way. In addition to this, Rich is accidentally insensitive, and is a poor listener— particularly when spoken to while performing another task such as watching football or salting his food. This makes him a typical guy. But, atypical for many men, rich has a habit of honestly sharing his inner thoughts and feelings; and this might just help female readers understand men a tad more. He's sometimes a helpless romantic: he remembers his first kiss in 6th grade vividly, ponders the one that got away in 9th grade, and has a secret "Favorite love Songs" playlist in his iTunes. But sometimes he's super jaded and swears it all off. Dating has always been an enigma to Rich, so he's always talking to people about it. He enjoys sharing every experience that he thinks will be helpful…and if he doesn't help you find The One, at least you can feel better about your own situation after you see the way he rolls in matters of love.

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