Benefits of Cloud Storage

a year ago
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The term Cloud, especially in the world of computing covers all remote storage solutions as your data, instead of being stored on your hard disks or memories, are available on remote servers and accessible via the internet.

The technology of cloud storage, every day, gains more respect among companies from the most diverse market segments. This is no coincidence since there are many advantages to migrating to this way of saving the data of a company.

As this is a resource that is in the process of consolidation, entrepreneurs begin to lose distrust over their use, which often seems "too good to be true." The point is that, besides good, it's true, safe, affordable, practical and economical.

In addition to the free services to store data, it is very efficient in home networks, and there are paid versions as well. Furthermore, cloud storage has grown exponentially with more and more options from service providers and additional features.

To better understand how this saves your business information, know the full benefits of cloud storage which include:

1. Fewer devices, more space

Traditionally, a company's files are stored on a local computer, on external hard drives, and even on thumb drives. Backups are made to increase security, and all these require investment in the purchase of devices, investment of time to make backups and lots of space.

With cloud storage, all of this is a thing of the past. As the name implies, your company's files are in the cloud, that is, on the internet, available, without being physically on your company's computers. In that sense, it is also possible to spend less on memory for office machines.

2. Data Protection

The fact that company files stay in the cloud doesn't imply that there would be cases of insecurity on the part of business owners who have joined this type of storage. Because the information is on the internet, this doesn't mean that anyone can access them as only authorized internet users can access this data; that is, you have an access control. In this sense, it is quite possible to say that it resembles the use of email. Nowadays, the vast majority of people have email services in the cloud and are not less secure compared to when their e-mails were saved on computers.

In addition, the information is encrypted, that is, transformed into codes that only authorized people can read.

3.Ease of sharing

Although security mechanisms are very important, it may have been the practicality and ease of information sharing that made the cloud storage system so popular. Before, for a person to have access to a file that was not on his computer, it was necessary to save it in a pen drive, send it by email, etc.

With the use of the cloud, all you have to do is access the service and locate the file you want. It's okay that other forms of sharing may not require much work. But suppose you had to send a large file to someone else.

In this case, in addition to a device with enough space, it takes a lot of time. Now, imagine in a company, when much information at any moment should be used by many people. Better scaling is possible to understand how this benefit is important.

4. Practical access

Another benefit of cloud storage that adds a lot of agility to day-to-day tasks is that you can access files from anywhere, provided you use a device with an internet connection. This means that even from a distance it is possible to search for the necessary information with the use of laptops, smartphones, tablets, and others.

5. Customizable features

While there are free cloud storage services, when it is companies that make use of this feature, you may need to have something more professional. According to the company, the recommended is to hire a service to safely store your files on the internet.

Companies that offer this service generally offer advanced features important for the security of your information, as well as other functions to collaborate with data management. Thus, making the service more personalized and more efficient.

Finally, the price of the service can vary according to the number of volumes of files to be stored, ensuring a good cost-benefit. What's more, hiring a company is who is going to migrate your company's data to the cloud is a necessity as this requires knowledge and time. In order to access reliable cloud storage professionals, GoodCloudStorage is here to help.

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