5 Ways to Make Potty Training Your Puppy a Little Easier

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You might be excited about getting a puppy, however, with the pet comes several responsibilities. When you get the puppy the first thing that you need to pay attention towards is how to potty train a puppy with pads. When the potty location is outside the house the dog will eventually go outside to do his business.
On the other hand, if you are using the pads because there is no place to go outside you have train your puppy first. So in order to help you out here, we have 5 essential tips that will teach you how to potty train a puppy with pads.
1-Crate are perfect
As dogs have the instinct to go outside so they will try their best to open the door. However, you should not let it get out. So to provide your puppy the perfect place to use the pads you can keep crates in your house. You have to trust your dog and never punish them using the crate. Train him to get into the crate to do his business.
2-Do not punish
Dogs cannot stop themselves like humans and this is the reason that they might eliminate on the floor. In such cases, never punish your dog because it would turn out to be scared and anxious. However, whenever your puppy is able to follow the rules reward them with a treat. It will enhance their trust on you and so your relationship will grow stronger.
3-Use the bell
Puppies are just like kids and when they are engaged in some kind of activity, they will forget to go to the potty pads. So in order to keep your house clean use the following steps:
•         When you see your puppy is starting to pee, you have to make a loud sound like use a bell or clap
•         The sound will startle your puppy and so it will stop
•         In that moment, quickly take your puppy to the potty place.
•         Use the special command to guide your puppy to continue
•         At the end reward the dog with a treat
4-Patience and Practice
When you have to house train your puppy, it is important to show patience because the puppy will learn with time. All you have to do is look for the signs when your dog is uncomfortable. Apart from that, regularly take your puppy to the potty pads. They will easily learn the place and the directions and so with the passage of time, they will start to use the place without your guidance. 
5-Magic formulae
You have to keep in mind that there is no magic formula to train the dog. You have to be the parent of your pet in order to train them successfully.
Make sure that you properly train your puppy so that you will not have to deal with often cleaning the house. You can also take some help from professionally in order to learn how to potty train a puppy with pads
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