Alpana Bhartia: Lending Voice to the Helpless Animals in Bangalore

a year ago
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Sometimes apathy and insanity can ruin the image of a city. Last year, there had been a volley of cases in Bangalore where the voiceless animals were subjugated to a number of atrocities. Quite often, animals are tortured for fun and murdered for one’s sadistic pleasure. A Bangalore woman murdered eight puppies. Why? Just because the poor mother decided to give birth to the litter right outside the woman’s house, in a drain. Not everyone is John Wick, but thankfully there are people like Alpana Bhartia in Bangalore who are lending a voice to these mute souls. The picture of a mother sitting and waiting for the humans to act is really heartbreaking to see.    
Alpana Bhartia is one of the founder trustees of People for Animals (PfA), Bangalore. It’s a 20-year old non-profit organization that has dedicated itself to the cause of animal rescue and rehabilitation.  As of now, PfA has over 26 veterinary hospitals, 165 units and over 2.5 lakh members across the country. They run sterilization programs, treatment camps, and animal shelters to help the victimized metropolitan animals. PfA also has a wing dedicated to the conservation of forest wildlife, authorized by the state forest department of Karnataka.
Alpana Bhartia’s initiatives helped in the establishment of a pet cemetery in Bangalore, something you rarely get to seen in India. With the co-founders Namrata Dugar, Gauri Maini, and Arushi Poddar, Alpana Bhartia has done a commendable job in animal rescue. There had been doubts about the modus operandi of People for Animals since PETA has been under the radar for killing 1,411 cats and dogs last year, where only 57 were adopted. People for Animals on the other hand, expertly handle difficult cases with a proper psychoanalysis of the animal. Euthanasia is always the last and the most difficult option for Alpana Bhartia, one that has to be chewed down to the bone.
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