You're Not Alone VIII

3 years ago

I’m not saying these are all about me. I’m just saying if you feel the same, or you have done it too, you’re not alone.

You’re not alone if…

…when you try to use your DVD or TV, you have to say the steps OUT LOUD because there is a lot to do and it is very confusing.

…you stop in the middle of exercising to get a snack.

…you don’t comment on someone’s social media post, not because you don’t have something to say, but because you don’t want to get a full day of notifications that have nothing to do with you.

…when you go on vacation, it doesn’t matter if it’s for 3 days or 10, you don’t poop the entire time.

…you love the Neon Trees song Sleeping With a Friend---or you actually ARE sleeping with a friend. Yay for you! (Unless he's married, or you are, then I don't know, that's probably not so good.)

…you have like 2 minutes to talk and you call your friend and her kid answers, but then you have to waste valuable time making nice to the kid when really want you want to say is: "Hey, kid! I didn't call for you!!"

…you really and truly don’t hate anyone in the world except for the guy who just pulled out in front of you and is going 10 miles under the speed limit.

…you considered getting a job washing dishes just so you can actually get paid for it.

…you know “It broke, mommy!!” is kid-code for “I broke it.” love that overalls are back in style except for when you go to the bathroom and the strap falls in the toilet.

…you have days where you think everyone is a stupid idiot.

…sometimes you need to be reminded of the last time you bathed your kid, and sometimes it's your kid that reminds you.

…your favorite song becomes your LEAST favorite song 3 days after it becomes your ring tone. don't buy anything red because you know how things will turn out when you wash it.

...sometimes (a lot of times) you just say "No" to you kids when they say "Mommy???" because it really doesn't matter what they're asking for,  chances are that will be the answer anyway.

…you get a little stressed out by all the coupons attached to the bottom of your drug store receipt. They give you 3 days to come back for the awesome 10.00 off, but you just bought everything you need so WTH???


Do you have one of your own? You can win a surprise present if you do!

Just go to the Dim Sum and Doughnuts FB page and add your own You're Not Alone line in the comment section where the other ones are. Whoever gets the most LIKES on their line will get a fun present from me (it won’t suck). Plus, your “YNA” line will be included on the next “You’re Not Alone" post!!

You can also win if you are a new LIKE to the FB page and/or you SHARE the post.

Fun??? Yes!! SHARE SHARE SHARE, LIKE the page and, if you have one, add your YNA line in the comments! You know you have a good one (or more) and when you SHARE, your friends can vote too!

Contest ends Thursday, July 3rd. Let's get it ON!!


This is the FB page. It will make you smile and you can add your YNA line there!

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And I’m on instagram too, but I'm not convinced of its powers.

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