You Know You're A Mom When...

3 years ago

I’m the type of person/writer/gal who enjoys breathing a little humor and fun into personal experiences in which women everywhere can relate to. There’s nothing better than an honest to goodness blog that make people laugh and feel less “alone”, especially in the world of pregnancy and motherhood.

Back in November, I published a blog, You Know You’re Pregnant When, which turned out to be a stats booming blog hit. Of course, now that I’m a mother, I have a daily growing list of “you know you’re a mom when…” that I’ve been itching to jot down and share. In fact, I may just have to write one of these for every stage – like, “You Know You Have a Toddler When…” but, I digress as I still have some time before that one!

While I could probably list about 100 things here, I limited the list to my Top Ten. So, without further adieu, here is is my “You Know You’re a Mom When…”

1. A 10 minute long hot shower feels like a weekend getaway.

2. You’re sporting the latest fashion trends of baby puke & poop within 10 minutes of your said “weekend getaway.” Icantstayclean

3. You find a binky, or two or three, stuffed in the pocket of a clean pair of pants that are fresh out of the dryer. Ooops!

4. Seaseme Street, Dinasour Train and Peppa Pig are the “most played” TV shows in your house, and you know the theme song lyrics by heart. Oh, and you’re singing and watching them even during naptime!

5. You are almost never on time for anything anymore and you forget everything.!

6. You have mastered breastfeeding your baby and putting pajamas on your baby simultaneously.!

7. Your new favorite nightly entertainment is The BabyMomma Stalkeraka watching your baby sleep via video monitor making sure she is still breathing and still in fact in her crib. Im.a.bonafide.crazy.lady

8. When 6am feels like you’re sleeping in, 8am feels like lunchtime, but you don’t actually get to eat before noon.

9. You have completely given up pooping in peace. Because, who doesn’t love busting out a little “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” mid bowel movement?!

10. Your entire world has been completely turned tipsy topsy turvy upside down, and finally understand the bond and unconditional love a mother has for her child.

Welp, there it is blog lovahs! Do you have any “You Know You’re a Mom When…” to add? If so, please feel free to comment and share!

Happy mommy blogging readers!



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