Make a Yoda Sensory Bin for Your Littlest Star Wars Fans

3 years ago
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My boys love Star Wars. Little brother is the biggest fan at our house. You will even notice he had his Star Wars shirt on while playing, and that was not planned. That is just what he had on that day.

I must admit he asked me a year ago to make him a Yoda Sensory Bin. I even ordered him these fun Yoda Easter eggs, and we never got around to it. Have I ever mentioned my growing list of want to try activities, crafts, and others with the kids. I just do not have enough time for it all. Don't we all wish we had a few more hours in the day? We could use them to relax or to catch up on other things.

So, here it is a year later and a fun series hosted by Suzy Homeschooler, and he finally got his Yoda Sensory Bin!

Yoda Sensory Bin


  • 2 trays
  • funnel, spoon and scoops
  • bowls and containers
  • dried split green peas
  • Yoda ester eggs (similar

What I did: I emptied 2 bags of dry peas into a tray from our Let's Dish play set we bought from B.Toys! I then added three Yoda eggs on top. I took another tray from the dollar store and filled it with funnels, bowls, scoops. Then I set them outside for the kids to play with.

Picture above: Little brother realizing he had Yoda on his shirt.

This was a great multi-aged activity for my boys. They are two, three, and six right now. They all had fun scooping and pouring the peas.

Sensory bins are great for kids to explore their senses, free play, pretend play, sharing, brother bonding, and celebrating the awesomeness of Yoda. They even took their Yodas and turned them into music shakers all on their own. I love seeing what they will come up with when I just sit back and watch.

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