Would You Teach Your Kids About a God You Don't Really Believe In?

4 years ago

The decisions on how to teach kids about religion -- when and what to say and in what manner or not at all -- face most parents, religious or not. Religion in its various forms and practices touches many aspects of life. Our kids have friends who are of different religions. Questions are asked and answers are deserved. Ellie at The 30ish Mom wrestles some of these thoughts, coming from the point of view of not being "religious." Yet she's still teaching her kids about God.

She shares her own beliefs first:

I have said before that I am not religious. And by “Not Religious” I mean I cannot bring myself to attend a house of God without that bitter voice of doubt clouding every thought while the preacher is speaking. So I stopped going. Am I an Atheist? I'm not sure. I have wrestled with the thought of God since I was a teenager. But that doesn't stop me from teaching my children about God.

"Why would you teach your children about God if you often don't even believe in Him?"

It’s hard to explain but I feel learning about God teaches us (among other things) how to believe in something we can't see or touch. Something so powerful that it could get us out of any horrible situation.

Credit: quinnanya.

What about you? Do you teach your child about God even if you don't believe? For those who do have a religion, do you teach your children about other faith systems? Finish reading Ellie's post and politely discuss the ins and outs of this complex parenting issue.


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