Moms, Would You Give Your Last Bite to Your Child?

Would you give up your last morsel, that last delicious bite of food or very last drop of drink if someone asked it of you? So many people wouldn’t. But I would. And I have! Ask anyone that knows me, and they will tell you that without a moment’s hesitation I’d give up my last swig, saved just for down-the-hatch with that last delicious bite. And I’ll even give it to you with a smile. But that doesn’t mean I won’t yearn and mourn and drool for it. I do. I have. But I’d do it again and again!

Let’s face it, quite often we are taking our sweet time eating, chewing slow and cherishing every moment to the fullest, every delectable forkful, because God knows when you may eat or drink this again.

Though there are many people just like me, the Sharers, the Givers, I know of just as many that are just the opposite. They would never relinquish their last bite or last guzzle. Nah-ah! They don’t share. They are the Non-Sharers: the hoarders, the greedy…the selfish. I’ve even seen these non-sharers threaten their neighbor at the table with their fork; threaten to stab anyone that dares to even take a closer peeksie at their plate of food.

So take care, o’ ye that covet thy neighbor’s plate with that last bite of food or last swig of drink! The non-sharers look at that last bite or last gulp of drink as their Last Rights Meal or Holy Chalice.

Once, while hosting dinner in our home, my husband’s sister received a serious threat from her husband at the table. They were enjoying a first-time, ever, bowls of garlicky Cuban black beans with melt-in-your-mouth tender pork over Salvadorian fried rice. Let’s just say, if looks or a bark alone could kill, I would have witnessed a first-time murder at my home’s dinner table.

Another time, at the table, my younger brother who always finished his food with the speed of there is no tomorrow, dared to fork into our younger brother’s plate and received the sharp sting of a fork. In all fairness, he’d been previously warned.

Not long ago, unbeknownst to me, I was put to the test by my own children. While I enjoyed a most delicious homemade sandwich, obviously nibbling the remainder towards the end, and enrapt in conversation with my husband, my oldest daughter interrupted with, Excuse me, mama, can I have that? She asked for my last bite of food, my very last nibble of sandwich, en-route to my mouth, and just as this last bit was ready to touch my lips. I didn’t hesitate. I simply said, “Of course, honey!”

Last Bite

I’d heard the request, turned to look at my daughter, at the same time relinquishing that last morsel into her hands.

She didn’t take it, after all, she pushed it back into my hand; and then I heard obvious laughter from around the table. She then said, “See, I told you guys she’d give it up!”

My daughter and family looking on were proud of me, to say the least.

My children know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this mother would never, ever deny her children crumbs from her plate, or her last gulp of drink!

“What a joyous treat, I now receive love complete, A circle made full.”

A Haiku (by vka)


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