One Good Memory - Snow Cream

3 years ago


I woke up today - snowed in - with full intentions of making the most of it.  Never mind that we're just finishing up the winter break and my boys have been home for a two whole weeks.  Never mind the post-Christmas exhaustion.  Never mind the endless "To Do" list which never gets done.

We're in the midst of a full-blown "run out and get the milk and eggs" snow storm and winter chill.  One that is significant even for us northern folk.  It's cold.  No one is leaving the house.

IMG_1155 (683x1024)

(Well, no one except this guy and a few other folks who have to report to save the world - at least in his case - one tractor design at a time.)

Schools are closed.  The library is closed.  The garbage trucks are staying home.   We're holed up here and counting our blessings for heat and blankets and Carhartt.

We're making the most of it.

At least, that was my intention when I woke up today.  No internet!  No distractions!  I'm all in with my kiddos 100%.


Well, that lasted through breakfast.

The struggle between living distracted and living in the moment is a constant one.  At least it is for me with my laptop constantly calling.


Maybe I should start with more realistic goals.  Less internet.  Fewer distractions.  Let's make at least one good memory today.




Snow cream on a snow day.


This.  We can do.


I mean, sprinkles.




And two scoops.  This we can do.


Snow Cream



Snow (a bucket full or so...clean snow is good)

Milk (a cup or two)

Sugar (enough to make it sweet or about 1/4 cup)

Vanilla (a splash)

Sprinkles and Chocolate Syrup (a must)


Mix it up.  All but the sprinkles and syrup.   Little helpers might be...helpful-ish.  Allow to re-freeze in the garage or freezer if necessary.  Top with toppings.  Enjoy the memory.


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