Why Your Expecations During Pregnancy Should be Lower

3 years ago

When I became pregnant with my first baby, I felt as if not much should change in my life: work load, social engagements, church responsibilities, etc. I had read countless articles and blog posts about the amazing strength and ability of a pregnant body.So I was convinced that I needed only determination and a healthy exercise routine to keep me going strong. Boy, was I wrong!

expectations during pregnancy

As I meandered my way through the first months of pregnancy, my energy levels slowly dissipated, I became much more emotional and I realized that maybe cutting back in certain areas wasn't the worst idea in the world. I didn't want to readily admit this because I thought that was accepting defeat. I wanted to be stronger! I wanted to be Superwoman! But at what costs? If you don't stop and relax and slow down, you and your baby will suffer! Your expectations during pregnancy should be lower and deservedly so! Why?

1. Less Energy.

Obviously this is true and although you may know this fact in your head, it may not have reached your heart yet. Just as with me, there came a time when I realized (after months of knowing in my head) that I could not handle certain church responsibilities anymore or the household chores as much. I needed to step down from a few things and ask for help in other areas. That's hard for me to do because I try to be self-sufficient and responsible. I didn't want to admit that I was vulnerable and human.

2. You're growing a baby!

This goes along with #1, but just in case you haven't realized: YOU'RE GROWING A BABY IN YOU! Thus your energy levels will be lower. Your energy is being used to do things it's never had to do before! If you really think about it, it's an amazing thing that your body is doing! There is no other activity you can be involved in that is equal to growing a baby! For 9 months you're growing a baby! Of course your expectations for what you accomplish should be lower.

3. Hormones are crazy.

This is an area that has greatly affected me. My hormones are crazy and therefore affect my emotions, which affect my moods, words and actions. Of course it's up to me to govern them as best I can. But the fact remains that you will be much more emotional. For me this means that I need more "me" time to rejuvenate myself. Not as many social outings, not as many responsibilities on which other depend, and more quiet time with God and Hubby is what I've realized I need to survive. This will be different with you as you've got a different personality than I and your emotional makeup is varied. But to ignore this fact will get you in trouble. You don't want to cave under the stress and emotional anxiety of a big weekend because you failed to plan time for yourself or failed to delegate tasks. Plan for situations like these! READ MORE HERE


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