Why this Spring Might Just be the Best...in For-Frozen-Ever

3 years ago

It's been a long winter, friends.  A looooong, frozen winter.  One for the record books.  And, as if by the unfolding of some divine comedy, this extreme polar-vortex-in-the-Midwest winter has lined up perfectly with my time as a stay-at-home mom.  With three-year-olds.

Two of them.


Don't be fooled by the giggles and squeals emanating from this picture. I guarantee you there was screaming, or crying, or "Mommy he's sitting on me!!!!" protesting two seconds after this moment, sweet as it is.  My husband and I joke that our primary job in life, right now, is to play referee.

Tweet!  Violation.  Tweet!  Time out.  Tweet!  That's a five-minute major.  Tweet!  To the penalty box!

Disclaimer:  We don't actually put them in a box.  And we love LOVE these boys. They are capable of bringing joy so profound that I know it is of God herself.  Their laughter is the sweetest of symphonies.  Their snuggles are better than what I imagine of Olaf's warm hugs.  Their "I love you Mamas" are the fire that keeps my heart warm even through the coldest of Chicago winters.

But.  They.  Are.  Three.

{If you have a three year old, you can skip this next part because you already know.}

If you don't currently have a three-year-old in the house, might I just take a moment to remind you...or warn you...that although no one really tells you until you have two-year-olds and you think you are finishing the home stretch of toddler drama, that three, is in fact, infinitely more...interesting..than two.

I used to get so mad when friends would tell me, laughing as they would with a hint of menace, that I had no idea what was coming.

No!  This isn't fair.  No one properly warned me about this.  And I have two of them.  Wait.  You're just being mean. (Why would you do this to me?)  You are just forgetting about how really awful it was when they were two and crying over every little thing like the cracker broke and the spoon is blue and I want to wear that shirt 100 days in a row.  There is no way three can be worse than two, right?!?!?!?!  


My friends, (and Scary Mommy) y'all were right.


So it's been a long winter.  And we've been inside.  A lot.  As in, it has been approximately six months....SIX MONTHS...since the thermometer has hit 60 around here.  And since for most of those six months the thermometer has read BELOW BOOGER-FREEZING COLD, going out to build a snowman (even though, YES! WE WANT  TO ACTUALLY BUILD A SNOWMAN AND NOT JUST SING ABOUT IT AGAIN!) has not really been an option.

Oh, but friends, it's April.  Deep breath.  We've almost made it.

Finally...sloooowly...but finally, the air is warming and the doors are opening and the grass is coming back to life.  And all that whining and yelling and arguing and noise that would otherwise just circulate in the house, bouncing off the walls and filling the rooms until it feels as if the whole house might just implode upon itself, can finally...

Go.  Out.  Side.

Charlie Outside


Jake Outside


Charlie Outside II


Jake Outside II


Boys Outside


At long last the drama...I mean my children...can run and jump and climb and laugh and cackle with voices no longer shushed by the rules of winter.  Inside voices no more! Be three! Let it go!  Bikes will be ridden and bubbles will be blown and hands will be dirtied by something other than markers or toilet water!

Hallelujah and Amen!

And we, weary parents, can finally open the windows and the doors and let them out, taking with them the soundtrack of winter, and we will rejoice as it echos off the trees, dissipating into the coming spring.


Spring, my friends, is an open door.  So breathe it in.  Breathe it out.  And finally {for what feels like the first time in forever}...

Let. Them. Out.

Let them Out Pic

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