Why Moms Are THE Coolest

6 years ago

I think if you could major in "Arts and Crafts" in college, that would have been my choice.  I know, I know, I should have become a Home Economics teacher or something, but I'm not that smart!  Plus, unfortunately, in today's economy, those positions are among the first to be cut.  But oh how I love arts and crafts.

I think I get it from my mother.  One year for Halloween, my brothers (2), older sister, and I were M&M's.  My mom was crafty and made some pretty amazing costumes.  She went as the M&M bag and walked us around multiple neighborhoods to stock up on candy.  (You read that correctly, multiple neighborhoods.  Are you getting the idea of how cool my mom is?)  In fact, she made our costumes most years.  We were four aces from a deck of cards, and some other fun "four" ideas.  My mom is clever AND crafty.

She recently had a HUGE hand in my daughter's baptism party.  First of all, she opened up her home for it.  (We have a tiny home so it would've been impossible!)  Then, she helped me create beautiful tablescapes, flower poms, floral arrangements, and more.  It was beautiful (if I do say so myself).  I felt like I was finishing up an apprenticeship with my mom that day.  Now it is my turn to make my own arts and crafts for my baby girl.

Today we will spend the majority of our day in the hospital.  We are praying and waiting, as Brian's mom has her surgery.  Round 2 of the "Let's Kick Cancer's Ass."  My husband really has a way with words.  After hearing the news about the return of her cancer, Brian of course, had something to say about it.

"Well, Mom...the good news is you are running out of boobs to get cancer in."

Charming, right?  Sorry ladies, he's taken!  Fortunately, since she birthed and raised him, she found him quite funny.  I'm glad that he can always make his mom laugh, even in the tough times.

So this morning, I woke up early, and got started on some arts and crafts.  First up, one of Mom-Mom's favorites, corn muffins.  I know, that's not crafting, that's baking.  But the bright pink breast cancer ribbon inspired basket, is crafty!  I took some tulle, tissue paper, and a pink basket and transformed it into a fun get well soon basket for Mom-Mom.  To top it off, we have a really cute (and funny) framed picture of Baby Girl to give to her.  She's wearing a onesie that reads, "Find a Cure, Before I Grow Boobs!"  Hopefully, these items lift her spirits and fill her tummy! (Sometimes hospital food is the WORST!)

Then I realized that I did NOT have a pink ribbon for Evie to wear!  (She has a poop stained one that clearly I couldn't use.  And that story, my friends, I will save for another blog post...can you imagine?  Poop up to her hair! Sigh.  So I took the scraps of ribbon left and fashioned her a quick pink headband/bow.

Well, now you know...moms are the coolest thing since hot glue guns.  :)  My mom taught me that you can fix or make anything with a hot glue gun, an idea, and a smile.

Thanks, Mom.  I love you.   We love you too, Mom-Mom!  Kick Cancer's Butt!

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