Why I Take My Kids to McDonalds

4 years ago

Before I tell you why I take my kids to McDonalds, I would like to pre-emptively raise my third finger to anyone giving me the old stink eye at the mention of McDonalds.

Yes I take my kids to McDonalds. I know all about the epidemic of obesity which the media says is raging rampant across the Americas. It's not like we go to McDonalds every week or even every other week. I even bring along some sliced cucumbers or grapes when we do go. Or at least, I did in the beginning.

I know, I know. It sounds like I'm just trying to justify my actions. Maybe I am. I used to be one of you stink eyers at the mention of the big M. a part of me squirms in discomfort when we pass through their doors. So why do we go?

Two words: PLAY PLACE!

A free, indoor playground for days when it's just too damn cold or wet to go outside, when there aren't any kindergym events and I'm not up for the pool! Plus I can sit down, drink a reasonably good cup of coffee, and know that even though it's probably filthy up there, my kids are pretty safe and having a blast.

If someone else with healthier food, similar prices, and equally fast service would build an indoor playground in their restaurant, I'd be happy to give up McDonalds and visit them instead. Until that time, McDonalds it is.



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