Why I Stopped Taking Advice, Stopped Looking for a Job, and Started Living

3 years ago

I stopped taking advice from others a few weeks ago, stopped looking for a 9 to 5 job, and started living my life my way.  I did it because I wanted to.  

I have been a mom for 20 years.  That is a very long time to take care of other people and focus primarily on the needs of others.  

During the past 20 years I started a few businesses with my husband.  These businesses were his dream.  I worked along side of him to make a success of our businesses but they were not my dream or vision.  I did not feel satisfied.  I merely felt like cheap labor.

Now the children are older, going to college, moving out, and less dependant on me.  After so many years devoting myself to the kids and my husband's dreams what is left for me?

I started a small jewelry making business, French Robin Designs on Etsy, and I started blogging.  I considered both small hobbies or businesses but certainly not careers.

People who care about me have been very supportive during this transition; giving plenty of advice.  Predominently the advice is "get a job" and "do what you love".   What did that mean?  Do what I love?  I had no idea what that meant.

Well, I started looking for a full-time job in earnest.  I truly believed the path to moving on with my life was to start a career in mid-life.

If my goal was to torture myself and feel rejection, I succeeded!

I did this for 3 months and then an ephiphany.  What I loved to do was work on my jewelry.  I loved blogging.  I loved writing.  I loved my little businesses. 

I stopped listening to advice, stopped looking for a 9 to 5 job, and started living my life the way I want to.  I realized I could work to make my businesses profitable and enjoy it too!

The last two weeks have been rewarding.  No longer do I feel like a failure searching for job crumbs.  I just had to realize I had a job, had a business, had a passion in front of me.

My advice to you is -- stop listening to advice, start looking at what you love, start living your life on your terms!

Cheers!  Tammi

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