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7 years ago

I……That sat at the beginning of this blog post for about 5 minutes before I realized, I have no idea what to say. I guess I figured that blogs need some sort of starting point or purpose, and to be honest I’m not sure what purpose or point I even want to give this blog.
If I think hard enough, I think I want to accomplish a couple of things through my blog.

A) I want to be able to connect with people who are similar to me.
I live in a small city, and I am a young mom. This can come as a disadvantage because it is hard to find people who are on my level. There may be people in my situation (young and have a baby), but they aren’t necessarily in the same frame of mind as I am. For example, yesterday I went out for some Canada’s Day celebration with two friends and one brought along her friend who had a 17 month old son. At first I was kind of excited, I am 23 and she is 25, we both have young kids and have some friends in common. It seemed like a promising situation. Until I got to know her a little more, and realized that we have different parenting methods and etc, which just didn’t make me comfortable. She was one of those moms who jokes about what a “burden” their kid is, and how “bad” they always are, and when the baby was merely exploring his surroundings as babies do, she just started to yell at him and get mad. This was just so weird to me. I like encouraging kids to explore (as long as its within child proof boundaries of course), and I don’t really like snapping the word “no” at them (they aren’t a dog…)…not to mention, not too soon after our walk through the festival when we returned to the house, she made TWO mixed drinks and hid them in pop cans/coffee cups, and then proceeded to walk over to the BEER TENT to drink for the rest of the afternoon with her son. Wtf?! That’s waaaaack, at least get a babysitter if you are going to do something like that?
I don’t know, I guess everyone is different in the way they parent, but I just can’t see myself being able to get along with someone who has such different beliefs when it comes to children!
I am a huge attachment parenting (AP) advocate, I have co-slept with my baby since day one, as well as breast feed (Trying to go 2 years, as per the World Health Organizations advice). Its hard to find people within this small city who are even close to my age and have these beliefs.
I am hoping that through this blog maybe I will be able to connect with a community of families from across the globe who also share/practice my beliefs.

B) I want to be able to help others build knowledge and confidence through my experiences.

When I was pregnant, and still now as a new Mom, I am a little addicted to Google and its resources. As an academic I am aware that I am NOT getting “book” knowledge. But through the various Mommy blogs and forums, I have found a lot of “street sense”. Stuff that you always think you will learn from your matronly elders around you, (only to find out you don’t really think the same…as in my case) you can also learn from all different sorts of people from all over the world. I came across many blogs that have been inspiring to me and I only hope that I could someday be the same for someone else…

And as much as I would love to elaborate more on all of these intentions (as well as list links to those whom I find inspiring..), I will have to do that another day. I have been working on this blog for 3 DAYS now and its been a saved draft on my Blackberry…I just want to post it so that I can get to writing about the stuff that really matters! But I figured that proper “blog etiquette” would be to have an into-ish thing near the beginning…instead of just diving into the juice. I guess I want people to get a sense of who I am, before I bore them with my Mom rants and raves…

Until next time.

R. Xoxo

[note: this post is from my blog http://broccoliandip.wordpress.com Dated July 8th> I just slowly would like to transfer posts to Blogher. :) ]

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