Why are Some People Happier Than Others?

6 years ago
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Sienna and Edric

Who better to ask about happiness than kids – right? I mean they seem to have this whole happiness thing figured out quite well.

They are constantly playing (drawing on walls and using your expensive jewelry as dress up items) , super creative (using spaghetti sauce as face paint), and they don’t seem to have a care in the world (lol which can have its good and its bad).

So I asked two absolutely adorable little kids why they think some people are happier than others and I was amazed at how short and simple their answers were. It was as if they didn’t have to put any thought into answering this question – like it was just sooo obvious.

Sienna (6) - “People are happier because they are nicer people”

Brilliant! When was the last time you met a happy person who was rude, negative and a major drag. Exactly – NEVER. It’s impossible to be happy and negative at the same time or happy and rude to other people.

So moral of the story is – if you want more happiness try being a positive and compassionate person. Leave the gossipy bullying days to junior high. Hmmm…wise words from a 6 year old.

Edric (5) – “People are happier because they have more fun”

Amen to that one. Little kids know how to have fun – without a doubt. They are constantly playing with their friends (people who are a joy to be around) and you can almost never get a kid to do something that isn’t exciting without some serious bribery. Meaning… that kids sort of get this whole passion and purpose thing. If it’s not fulfilling their purpose or if they are not passionate about it they move on to the next.

Or maybe it means that kids are just spoiled and have no sense of hard work. Lol

Regardless of how you look at it …fun is essential. Yes, one must for sure take care of responsibilities – we can’t just play in the park all day and roll around in our underwear watching teletubies all morning like kids do but we can still have fun and it should be a priority to implement more enjoyment into our lives.

How many genuinely happy people do you know that are bored with their lives and never do anything that excites them. Again…NONE.  So lets add some more purpose, play and positivity into our lives!!

Check back in with us in a few days as we post more answers to these questions and we will even post what the “experts” say about this question.

Until then please leave a comment and let us know what you think – we’d love to hear your view-point.

You have got to take time to add purpose, passion and play into your lives. You should enjoy your life – and never settle for a mediocre one when it can be so much more than that.

xoxo Gigi and Shanna

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