Why are Halloween costumes for girls/women so 'stripper like? Me no likey and neither did my girls

Halloween and overly sexualized costumes

Last Year my youngest daughter was a zombie.

This year she found a great 'underwater' looking long dress and painted her face herself to be a 'water nymph'.  (Age 10).

She had a blast.

My older daughter physically shuddered at some of the costumes in the stores this year

 (She's 11).

Mom - am I seriously supposed to wear that??

 I couldn't help but agree as I stared at the stripper style Pirate, stripper style Zombie girl and stripper style heavy rock queen costumes my 11 year old was shuddering over.  Strips of sparkly spandex hung together with other assorted nylon-type materials for a stripper queen.

And we want to dress our young girls like that, parade them in the streets and have strangers give them candy?  Who thinks that I wonder...

Made in China??

I've also wondered what Chinese mothers might be thinking as they string these costumes together on a low wage so that we can grab them for $15-30 dollars a pop (if we're lucky).

It'll all a bit wacked, honestly.  And neither us (nor the Chinese mothers) are the ones making the money out of it.


Looks to me as if the consciousness is changing in the USA, too


Here's a very edutaining video from four young ladies (some adult language included for mom info).  They can say it much better than I can!


This is poetry from the Brave New Voices Grand Slam Finals 2013 round 4 in Washington, D.C. The 4 incredibly talented girls, from left to right, are: Hannah Halpern (@hanhalp), Amina Iro (@FlipsHijab), Reina Privado (@PoetryAndCurls), and Asha Gardner (@AshaGPoet) and they are a part of the DC Youth Slam Team

Hoping for more choices of less shudder-worthy Halloween Costumes next year.

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