What's on YOUR List?

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I like a list. 

I like checking things off of a list, getting things done.

I was at Trader Joe’s today, had a list of at least 100 items, organized in sections the way the store is organized.  I knew to get smoked turkey because my list said it.  I knew to get cucumbers because my list said it.  As I walked by Produce, I realized we needed bananas, which were not on my list, so I quickly scribbled the word “bananas” in the fruit section of my list, then crossed the word out as soon as the bananas hit the cart. 

When I was unpacking from our Easter trip to Philly, I came across this list:


I like this list.  For a lot of reasons. 

One reason is that my daughters worked on it together.  I picture Lexi pacing back and forth like a 1950′s businessman, dictating to her secretary (Caroline), to “Get this down!”  Caroline though, I’m certain, had as much to do with generating the ideas as Lexi.  Perhaps Caroline was testing herself, in the way of that old television show, “The Newlywed Game,” seeing how well she really knows her sister. 

I obviously like the content of the list.  I’d bet high that it’s in no particular order, because “Mommy” is listed before “Pink Doggie,” because “Grama’s cookies” are listed before Grandma herself, and because first comes God, then Cake, then Mary and Joseph, then Icecream Cake.  

I like this list because it got me thinking about list-making for other reasons.  Not just the getting-things-done reasons but the celebrating life reasons.  How great would it be if we could all keep these kinds of lists more accessible?

Here’s mine for today…in no particular order:

What I love:

  • purple
  • Ed Harris
  • good news
  • my family, flaws and all
  • sneezing
  • baseball
  • yellow roses
  • hiking with Dave
  • Italy
  • mint-chocolate-chip icecream
  • my kids’ laughter
  • odd numbers
  • the sound of wind in trees
  • Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic,” especially the bridge
  • other people’s stories

So…tell me, what’s on your list?  How about FIVE items–that’s a nice, odd number!

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