Hospital Bag Must Haves for Mama

4 years ago
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I started to write this post the day before I ended up going to the hospital. I was going to just delete it, but there are so many people with questions as to what to bring to the hospital... especially as a diabetic/c-section patient. So I thought this post would be even more beneficial because I could talk about what I actually ended up using.

Less is more when it comes to the hospital; they usually provide everything you need. I applaud all those women on Pinterest who have the patience to bring custom hospital gowns. I just don't have time for that, and with a c-section, it's not really logical. I was in no way eager to be changing into different gowns.

Hospital Bag Must Haves for Mama
  • 1) Comfy going home outfit

  • 2) Brush/Hair ties/ Bobby Pins

  • 3) Face Wipes

  • 4) Chapstick

  • 5)Hand Sanitizer

  • 6)Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Crest Wisps

  • 7)Deodorant/Shampoo/Body Wash -- I opted for my favorite Lancome Scent, La Vie Est Belle.

  • 8) Nursing Bra/Nursing Pads/Regular pads -- The hospital will often provide most of these, so don't fill your bag up with your own.

  • 9) Makeup! -- I opted for easy and of course ended up not really needing it (there were no pictures to take), BUT it was nice on my last day to wash my face and get dressed. I packed ELF tinted moisturizer, Tarte Blush, Benefit They're Real Mascar, ELF face powder and Concealer. (Can you tell I am passionate about concealer?) I used both an under eye illuminator from Estee Lauder and a Smash Box concealer.

  • 10) If you are a diabetic, bring all your supplies. No one is better at managing your diabetes than you are, trust me! Bring: your meter, pump (bring all you need to hook up your pump and make it double so you have extra), test strips, lancets, alcohol swabs (you will be in no shape to get up and wash your hands every time you need to test in the beginning and you want accurate readings for the hospital logs), insulin, and syringes. (My diabetes bag was bigger then my make-up bag; sad, I know.)

  • 11) Camera

  • 12)Laptop

  • 13) Don't forget all your chargers for your electronics, including phone charger!

That's all I brought and that's all I ended up using. I did have my husband bring me pillows from home because their pillows are awful and certainly do not promote healing. I packed snacks for my husband and I would recommend keeping glucose tabs in case your sugar gets low, but I called the nurse every time and asked for juice boxes or graham crackers (which most of the time my three-year-old ate and was thrilled).

Don't be afraid to ask for things at the hospital. If you know medical care here then you know you are paying an arm and a leg! So what if my three-year-old drank one too many of their juice boxes, HA! It was the most expensive ones I have ever paid for!


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