Whatcha Waiting For?

4 years ago
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A while back I visited my son and daughter-in-law at their apartment, and was absolutely charmed by the beautiful chalk drawing that she had drawn on their dining room wall:

 What Are You Waiting For? 

It reads “If We Wait Until We Are Ready, We’ll Be Waiting Forever…”


I was charmed, that is, until I sat and thought about it some more…


…Until I thought about how many times in my life I had waited until I was “ready” to do something, but then never felt ready; never felt prepared; never felt that I had enough knowledge or training or experience or the right tools or the ability or talent or…


And then I was a bit sad.


I am in the second half of my life (as I prefer to view the age of 52), and I have to admit that I am less and less thinking I need to wait.  I’m thinking more along the lines these days  “What (Precisely) Am I Waiting For?”


Which, I suppose, is the question I’d like YOU to think about.


When I sit down over coffee with a friend or two or three, the question inevitably comes up in some form or fashion.  “If you had it to do over again, what would you have done differently?”


A few things jump to mind:

1)   sail up and down the East Coast;

2)   hitchhike through Europe with my best friend from 8th grade and stay in hostels

3)   backpack across Canada

4)   get a job and an apartment in NYC (even if it were only briefly!)

5)   visit my family who live far away more often (which I still plan on doing some day…)


And I did none of those things because I was waiting…for a friend to go with me, for my parent’s approval; for “enough” money; for the time to get started.


But I’m not waiting anymore ~ and I’d like to encourage you to stop waiting around, too!


There are times that it is appropriate to wait, and I think that we all know when those times occur.  Sometimes we DO have to wait until the kids are older, or we get the car paid off, or we see a commitment through ~ but I’m not talking about those times.


I’m talking about the times we are just looking for excuses…when we’re too afraid to take the plunge because it’s inconvenient, or we may lose the money, or be laughed at, or totally fail at it (whatever “it” is).  You know the difference.  You know when you’re just making excuses ~ heck, we all do it!


But decide to stop doing it today.


Decide to get started at SOMEthing you’ve always wanted to do.  Today.


Enlist the help of a friend for accountability if you have to or want to…


We are not guaranteed tomorrow, and a life filled with regrets is a life not lived.

Make your bucket list, and get started!


What are you waiting for?




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