Dear Mother-in-Law: My Spaghetti Is Better Than Yours

5 years ago

We just had our three day vacation at my in-laws. It was a memorable, fun experience, but I wasn’t able to rest there that much simply because I was in my in-laws house. I was just a bit restless because of thinking too much on how I want to do things perfectly -- especially when I’m with my mother-in-law.

I still have this feeling that I still need to prove myself and impress her, and because of trying too much to impress her, I tend to do things that are not so impressing at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being there and I love my in-laws so much like my biological parents. My mother-in-law is very loving -- it’s just that sometimes there are certain instances that you want to say something but you just can’t. So I’m writing it out anyway. (Thank goodness she doesn’t use the internet!)

- My husband is not being truthful, but I know he will always choose your Adobo over mine. So will you please stop giving me hints and just tell me how to cook it your way.

- Your Adobo is more delicious than mine. But my spaghetti is the best! I happen to be excellent in making spaghetti and carbonara. But the spaghetti I cooked when I was there was a total disaster. I’m not blaming you -- but your presence makes me all jumpy.

55: Spaghetti!!!

- We may have different style on how to cook things but believe me, I know how to cook. I just tend to be a little bit jumpy when you ask me questions while I’m cooking.

- Your son sometimes drives me crazy. There are days I can’t make him eat his vegetables.

- I would love to stay for two more days but our work schedule won’t allow us to.

- I wanted to clean, reorganize and even color coordinate things in your house when I was there; I’m just afraid I might offend you.

- Vacation for me, means that I really don’t want to go out. I just want to stay in your house and be with you guys.

- I may not text or call you all the time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss you.

- I know sometimes you may not agree on the way I discipline my daughter. But it meant so much to me when you said that my daughter is a very smart, sweet and loving kid. That only means I’m doing a great job on raising my daughter. (Pat on back.)

- I don’t know how you raised my husband -- he is indeed a mama’s boy -- but he became a very loving, responsible, hardworking father and husband. For that you did a great job too!

I love you Mom. Sorry for the spaghetti again!


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