What’s the Best Baby Registry?

3 years ago

Another tough decision that expecting parents are typically faced with is where to register for the baby shower.  I’ll break it down to the top 5 and what we ended up going with.  I’ll rate them based on the following factors…selection, price, customer service, return policy and completion discount.

  • Pros – They have a large selection of baby stuff.  A lot of locations for stores so makes it easier on the gift givers that want to buy things from a store instead of online.  They have a very easy return policy – you can return it in the store, with or without a reciept and you have up to 1 year from when the baby is due to return things.  This is extremely important since by the time you actually get to use a product and decide you don’t like it or don’t need it, it’s too late to return it at other places.  Also you get 10% back on registry purchases…even your own up to $200 worth.
  • Cons – Prices are generally higher than at the other places but they often have sales that make the prices more reasonable.  Some of the items are only available online.
  • Completion discount – 10% off coupon for everything still on your registry sent 6-8 weeks before your due date good for use for up to one year.
  • Pros – Prices are generally less than Babies’R’Us.  It’s very convenient for gift givers because of the large number of store locations.  They sell a lot of other stuff so it’s very easy to use up the gift cards.  Often they have a lot of sales and coupons that make prices even cheaper.
  • Cons – Their return policy is horrible.  Yes you can return stuff on your registry with or without a receipt but a lot of times, people forget to scan your registry when they purchase things and don’t give you a receipt.  For those items without a receipt and not on your registry there is a limit of $70 a year that you can return for store credit. Also you only get 90 days to return something.  If you have your baby shower early, it’s possible that by the time you use something and decide you want to return it, it’s already too late.
  • Completion discount – 10% off coupon for everything still on your registry, sent 8 weeks before your due date that expires about 2 months after the due date.  Good for one in store purchase and one online purchase.
  • Pros – They probably have the largest selection of items.  Also you don’t have to pay for tax in certain areas.  They have a universal registry so you can add an item from any website.  Their prices are probably the best though except when Target is having a sale or a coupon.
  • Cons – Everything is online so if you want to return anything you have to mail it back.  Returns need to be made within 90 days.  You will have to pay for shipping, although you will get free super saver shipping if your purchase is $25 or higher or you have Amazon Prime.
  • Completion discount – 10% discount good for one time use sent 30 days before your due date.  However if you are a member of Amazon Mom, you get a 15% discount!
Buy Buy Baby
  • Pros – You get a goody bag for registering with them.  They also have a referral program where if you register with them and refer a friend you get a Referral Award for $25 off a $100 purchase.  Also since they are affiliated with Bed, Bath, and Beyond, they often have the 20% off one item coupon which can be great for expensive purchases on your registry that never go on sale.
  • Cons – They have very limited store locations.  Like Babies R’Us, their pricing is generally higher although they will price match to online stores like Amazon.
  • Completion discount – 10% discount good for one purchase in store and one purchase online that is valid after the due date.
  • Pros – This is a universal registry site where you can add items from any website onto your registry.  This allows you to price compare and add items from the place where it is cheapest.  People still have the option of “reserving” an item online and then buying it at an actual physical store.
  • Cons – Since people are buying stuff from multiple places, each place will have their own separate return policy.  People can only “reserve” items off your registry so it’s possible that they might not end up purchasing it which might end up with you not getting everything you want from your registry.
  • Completion discount – None.

So where did we end up registering at?  It was important to us that returns were easy and convenient as we didn’t really know which items would be good and what we would really be needing.  Also, we wanted to make it as easy as possible on our gift givers by having a store they could go to.  So we ended up going with Target and Babies R’Us.  We would’ve perhaps gone with Buy Buy Baby, but the closest location to us was over an hour away.  After our baby shower though, I ended up creating another registry with Amazon and put all the items that we didn’t get from our shower on there since I joined Amazon Mom so I got the 15% registry completion discount.  You can sign up for Amazon Mom for free for 3 months and you get 50% off your first order of diapers and 20% off after that!

Where did you end up registering?  What were your reasons for registering there?

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