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6 years ago

Naming Your Baby
What Do You Name Your Baby?
Where does it come from and how important is it to pick out the perfect name?

Listed below are some key points when picking out the name of your little Bundle of Joy. "Well you hope they are a Bundle of Joy."

Family Name Game: Pick out a name that is special to you or maybe it is part of a family tradition. Friends will ask you where it came from.

I named my son after a tobacco factory... It's a running joke on how strange that is. Then when I had my daughter, I gave her a "family" middle name. She is named after my great-great-grandfather on my mother's side. Then two years later I was told by my mother, it was not Tyler it was Taylor. Now that is a great story to tell. She is named after no one. Funny.

Common: Try to pick something unique. There is nothing like the teacher calling Mike in the classroom and three kids answer. Some names can be linked with certain decades so be careful with them. They can be a little dated sounding.

Sex Association of the Name: Is the name male or female? My name goes both ways and it is kinda a pain, because some people don't know if I am a male or female by my name. I get the question, is it "Terri" with an "i" or "y". I always have to say, Terri with an, "i" because I am a girl. It's a pain after 100 times of being asked.

Funny or Strange Name: Will your child get teased because of their name? Or can you make another word out of it? Like Farty Marty... Once you've filed out the paperwork at the hospital it is too late. You will have to go to court to get it fixed. Note: Check the initials too

Spelling: Is it going to be easy for your child to spell the name out? Also take into consideration the pronunciation of the name too.

People always pronounce my daughter's name with the southern version of "Lucianna". "Lucy Anna"... right. But it is pronounced... "Lu-Ch-On-Ah"... NOW THAT IS A NAME.

I will give you one of my married names.... Terri Terry... Now that's funny. Watch who you marry, it can make some strange combinations.

I hope this helps with naming your child/children. Be care and be kind to your child. It could come back to bit you later.

Do you have a strange name or know one?

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