17 Important Things to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

3 years ago
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I guess it is time to get serious. I take very little serious in life, so it is always hard for me to buckle down and get stuff done. But many would say having a baby is serious business.

For me, it happens so often around these parts the hospital stay is like a mini vacation with room service and everything. Shall we treat it as such? Why not.

37 weeks is probably a good point to get this thing packed. I have everything on my list, I just need to put it in a bag. I think when it comes to hospital stays, I am a pretty minimal packer. I just want one bag to worry about as I am trying to kiss my kiddos and get out the door before the next contraction stops me dead in my tracks.

So here is what I am bringing.

one: Sleep shirt. I love these J Crew sleep shirts, and they are perfect for the hospital. They button up so you can easily nurse baby, and they are so soft and comfortable, not to mention warm.

two: Socks. Warm comfy socks will be your best friend when the nurses come in every two hours to wake you up, push on your stomach, pull the sheets back, and check you out. Madewell socks are some of my favorites.

three: Overnight bag. No brainer, right? I always make sure I bring a big enough one to bring stuff home as well. You always end up leaving the hospital with more than you brought, and there is no sense in making ten trips to the car. So leave some room.

four: Blanket for baby. You may not need or even use your own blanket while you are in the hospital, but you will want to wrap baby up in something to bring them home.

five: Baby hat. Gotta keep that newborn head nice and warm! Especially for us, taking that first cold step out of those sliding glass doors is a shocker!

six: Baby outfit. Pick something cute to bring baby home in. You know you are going to take 100 pictures before you even get to the car.

seven: Cardigan. Probably the easiest thing to put on to go home in. You just want comfort. You look about five months pregnant still so just be comfy.

eight: Nursing top. I love these Bun Maternity nursing tops. They look like a normal long sleeve but are so easy to nurse in.

nine: Nursing bra. I have mentioned this before, but these are my favorite bras. When your milk is first coming in, the last thing you want to wear is an underwire bra, at least for me. This Cotton Candy bra is my very favorite!

ten: Leggings. Simple and easy to get into to go home in. Zella leggings are my must haves in this department.

eleven: Nursing pads. I bring a few since my milk tends to come in right away. With Ace I had no idea and was just leaking everywhere.

twelve: Earth Mama Bottom Spray. This is a miracle in a bottle. Even though the hospital sends you home with that antiseptic spray, this works so much better! You can send me a thank you later.

thirteen: Lip balm. I don't think my lips get more chapped than those hours in the hospital. I feel like I am constantly reapplying. And it never fails that Chris needs some as well.

fourteen: Hair ties. I mean you go into labor with one, and somehow it is gone by the end. I bring a handful.

fifteen: Travel size toiletries. There really is nothing that can compare to that first shower after delivery. I swear I hear trumpets blaring once the water hits my skin. I like to pack travel size bottles of the products I use at home. It just makes me feel so much better. The hospital can give you some soap and what not, but I like the comfort of my favorite products with me.

sixteen: Face wipes. After that first shower, you may not get up for a bit if your baby happens to act anything like all of mine—as in they latch on and never let go! I remember with Ace I sent Chris out to grab me some face wipes because we were going on a four hour feeding session, and I had a feeling washing my face was a no-go!

seventeen: Makeup bag. I pack some duplicate products that I have so that there is no rummaging though my makeup disaster when it is go time. Not that you have to wear makeup in the hospital, and you may not even care. I happen to like to put a little something on my face so when I do catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I don't resemble an extra in the The Walking Dead. Not to mention pictures. Lots and lots of pictures will be taken!

Obviously I will be packing my camera, possibly my iPad, cell phone charger. You know: the important things to keep me connected to the outside world.

I used to think of the whole hospital stay as a death sentence, like I just couldn't get out fast enough. Now, even though I miss my little ones at home, I try to soak up that hotel like stay. I mean, the quiet, the room service (be it hospital food or not, that is one less meal I have to try to cook), the channel changer that doesn't get lost. Did I mention the quiet?

And above all I get that sweet newborn smell all to myself before I have to pass baby off to dad or grandma while I am being asked to fill juice cups, make food, wipe a butt or three, endless amounts of mommy requests. So in the event they tell me I'll be staying for two days, I'll take it.

What are/were your hospital essentials? Am I missing anything?


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