What I Want for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is Sunday. I'm not entirely sure why this holiday was created.

The expectations are complicated on this particular day. The family feels like they need to do extra special and super wonderful things for the mama. The mama? Really just wants no fighting. Maybe some wine and a nap. Or time to read and call her own mom, for whom she didn't get a gift because she ran out of time. (Sorry, Mom.)

But just taking the day completely off can be weird and there will likely be repercussions. I mean, that laundry isn't going to wash itself (is it? because THAT would be the perfect gift).

All I really want for Mother's Day? I don't know. It's hard to say I want anything. After many health challenges, I was able to grow two children in my body and give birth to them. I get to be the primary caregiver for my kids and they are healthy and they are safe. I have so much more than I ever expected when it comes to mom-related things. So... What do I really want for Mother's Day? Let's start with what I don't want:

  • I don't want a manicure or a pedicure. I don't find them enjoyable. I just think about germs the whole time.
  • I don't want an appliance. I really have to be The Decider on that type of purchase.
  • I don't want a device of any sort. I have more iThings than I know what to do with.
  • I don't want chocolate. Really I do, but I don't want to want it.
  • I don't want flowers. Everybody in my house is sneezy and itchy these days. I'm pretty sure we have a dopey one, too. It's possible I'm Snow White.
  • I don't want a book. I'm reading at least five right now. Don't judge me.

So. What do I want? Would it be inappropriate to ask for Justin Timberlake? He just looks like he smells so nice... RELAX. I'm kidding. (I'm not kidding.)

OK. SO. WHAT do I want... I want... No crying. No talking back. No arguing. And I'd like my kids to do those things, too. I'm KIDDING. (I'm not kidding.)

Hmm. Maybe this is a "no gifts" year.

Happy Mother's Day. Hug 'em if you've got 'em.

Candy blogs at Slightly Overcaffeinated where she rarely refers to herself in the third person like she is now. 

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