What Happens When Mommy's Not Home...When Daddy is in Charge

3 years ago

What Happens When Mommy’s Not Home? – When Daddy Is In Charge



*Disclaimer* For those that offend easily, we do not feed our toddler alcohol. This was a photo shot of our daughter grabbing an empty case of beer off of a shelf in our kitchen. The look of intoxication on her face was just a funny coincidence.

I am what my husband affectionately refers to as the “No Mommy”. This is a name that I have earned because I choose not to let our daughter eat junk food,  watch t.v. all day or leave the house without a coat on, etc… So, if I am the “No Mommy”, it is probably no surprise that my husband is the “Yes Daddy”.

I love my husband dearly, but sometimes the thought of him at home with our little girl makes me a wee bit nervous.

Did he feed her Doritos & ice cream for supper?

Did he remember to brush her teeth?

I hope they are not watching a Law & Order marathon.

What time did she go to bed?

Last week after a day with her father, Mai was frantically asking me for Skittles. Skittles? That is weird. When has she ever had Skittles?

My husband & I work opposing work schedules, so it is very rare that we get to enjoy time together as a family. It is very difficult going to work each day & leaving my two loves. My husband & I have an arrangement that we always send updates & picture messages throughout the day. We text each other on how she ate & what cute things she did or said for that day. I get snippets of her day with daddy through the mobile universe & sometimes the things I see make me chuckle.

Here is an example of what my daughter looks like when Daddy gets her dressed in the morning… A little stripe on stripe clashing here.


Of course, Daddy is just passing on his own keen sense of fashion…


Supper time in our house can be a challenge…


So, now what is for dessert?

It’s time for some exercise…

My husband teases that I keep our daughter in bubble wrap. Perhaps, I am a little over protective, so seeing photos like this, make me cringe. That doesn’t look very safe baby girl. Quick, get me that bubble wrap.



Let’s wind down before bed with some brain stimulating activity…

At the drive in - I hope it's educational.

At the drive in – I hope it’s educational.

Our daughter is a lot of work..a lot of work. Every so often when daddy needs an extra hand getting her ready for bed, he calls Mai’s uncle Pete. How many men does it take to change and bathe a baby?


Are you sure you guys know what you are doing?


So after a short bed time story, it’s time to go to sleep…

Hey dad, look Doritos are on sale. Let's stock up.

Hey dad, look Doritos are on sale. Let’s stock up.


Daddy. mommy normally puts me in the crib.

This is what my crazy mommy mind envisions while she’s away from home. The truth is I know that my husband is a wonderful and loving father & a day in the life with daddy looks more like this…



Just don’t let me catch you feeding her Doritos for supper.

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