What to Do with Your Child’s Old Clothes

4 years ago
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Not everyone has been through ‘hand-me-downs’, some people have no idea what to do with all of the clothes children outgrow. I know my little one has gone through boxes and boxes of clothes (as it sits in my basement), and I still have not done anything with them! If you’re like me and you just keep forgetting to do something about all of these clothes, that’s one thing, but if you don’t know what to do with them, keep reading this article; I have some information that may just help you out a bit!

Donating to a Good Cause

Donating your child’s outgrown clothes in a great idea! The children that do not even get to wear clothes will be SO appreciative! Even though ‘donating’ sounds simple, it can actually be very difficult because of all the different way of donating. Many cities have Good Will stores that allow anyone to donate anything they do not want anymore, toys, clothes, beauty products, etc. Now, if you do not already know about how Good Will stores work, nothing is free. Ordinary people walk in and shop for hand-me-downs from people they have not met before. Therefore, if you want to donate to Charity, you may want to choose a different option other than Good Will.

Donating to charity can be very overwhelming with all of the many different charity organizations! My suggestion is to look online or ask around to get some useful information about different charity groups for donations. Even if you have a particular charity in mind, you should still research the “best” charity groups, just to see what others have said. Obviously, your location would very important when trying to find a charity to donate your child’s old clothes to, but some of the top-named charities are, The Salvation ArmySt. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, The American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Make a Wish Foundation, and several others. Now I don’t mean to be a negative-Nancy, but you must be careful of the charities you donate your belongings to, some charities aren’t what they seem; however, that’s what research is for!

You may think ‘donating’ means to give your toys, clothes, and beauty products to a charity; however, donating also mean giving to your friends! I don’t think everyone think of giving their child’s old clothes to their friends. If you have a friend, or know someone that has a child in need of some clothes, why not give your child’s old clothes to them! It’s a win-win, really, because you’re helping a friend, helping a child, and helping yourself all at the same time.

Clothes Old Clothes

Sell your stuff

Even though donating is a wonderful, thoughtful thing to do for others, sometimes we, as people, get into a financial pickle, and need to sell the things we don’t use anymore. I know I’ve done that a thousand times! You may think ‘who am I going to sell all of these clothes to?’ Well, there’s a hundred places you can sell your stuff (depending on your region, of course).

Craigslist – The wonderful world of Craigslist; some people don’t like using this website, but if you need to sell your child’s old clothes, this website will come in handy. You can post pictures, a description, and a price of your child’s old clothes.

Swap Shop – For those who don’t know what Swap Shop is, it’s a group for Facebook members to sell anything they want (mostly anything) to other Facebook members. Post a couple pictures, type a short description, and allow the founder of Swap Shop to approve your post (it takes about 24 hours).

Ebay – Everyone knows of EBay! EBay is just about the most popular selling website out there today. You have to make a free account, post your pictures and item description, and choose a payment method (usually it’s Paypal).

Kid to Kid – Kid to Kid is a store where you can take your child’s old clothes, toys, and furniture and sell them for good price (you can even bring in your old maternity wear!). To find a store near you, and to learn how you can sell your child’s old clothes, go to their website!

Consignment events – I love shopping at consignment events because everything is extremely cheap! If you are expecting a child, these events are the only place you should buy baby items! In order to sell your child’s old belongings at a consignment event, first you have to research when and where the next one is (consignment events are summer, fall, and spring only).

Try Alterations

If you don’t want to give your child’s old clothes away, or sell them to people you don’t know (are you one of those sentimental people?), then maybe you should try altering them! For those jeans that are too short for your growing boy or girl, turn them into shorts or capris! Cut the bottom of the jeans to the desired length, fold the seam over and sew for a smooth finish. Turn old T-shirts into tank tops by cutting those sleeves off! As for the long-sleeved shirts that are too small, turn them into T-shirts!

I hope that your child's clothes much "lighter"!




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