What to do when you outgrow your blog name?

7 years ago

Way back in June of 2006, I found myself surprisingly pregnant with my 3rd child.  I'd been blogging under a psuedonym for about 18 months and knew that as much of a great stress release as blogging was, I'd need a new blog to blog about this new chapter in my life.  Baby # 3.

Out of nowhere, the name "Coming to a Nursery Near You" found it's way from my brain to the top of my blog header.  I began it on a whim, really - not really thinking any further ahead than "holy sh*t, I'm pregnant - I'm going to GO CRAZY!!!! - I better blog it!". 

Over the last nearly 4 years, it's been a great source of support from readers who empthacized and even birthed their babies alongside me, and then followed me down the path that life took me, that of post partum depression, and then just plain old, ordinary clinical depression.

Well, now here I am, on the virtual eve of my baby boy's 3rd birthday.  He's never really even HAD a nursery, and we have since outgrown the title of "Coming to a Nursery Near You".  I've been mulling around the idea of changing the name of my blog to reflect who I am now - who I've become since diving headlong into the world of MommyBlogging.  I've had my ups and downs both in life and in blogging, but the idea of "nursery" sort of sticks out like a sore thumb to me, or perhaps it's JUST me.  I don't know - but I came here to BlogHer.com in hopes of gaining some insight from BLOGGERS and those who read them.

Do you feel that changing a blog name is sacriledge?  Am I breaking some cardinal blogging law?  Do you feel that it's a killer to whatever readership I do have left (it would seem that health issues drive people away - but I digress)?  Do you think people will even notice? 

I would not be removing archives or anything quite so definitive, and my domain name would remain the same (dawnandjimmy.us - it *was* cute at one point in my life), mainly to maintain my lovely PR4 ranking.  So it's really just a cosmetic change, but one that I'm not taking lightly.

What say you, oh wisest of the wise bloggers of the blog?

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