What to do at 65

3 years ago

April 10

Walked 1.5 miles. Made it to Elizabethtown. Lol... Never left the gym... Now I head for Bowling Green, Ky  50 miles or so. Should take a few more days.  How is everone else doing? Anyone want to join the walk?



Did some well needed stretching today so only got 1 mile walking. Now It is 1.75 miles to Elizabethtown. Hope I can make that tomorrow, then on to Bowling Green, Ky. lol

Day before yesterday I walked. 1.5 miles. I am starting in Radcliff, Ky... So I am headed to Elizabethtown. It is 8 miles. 6.5 to go.  

Yesterday I walked 1.25 miles.  4.75 to go.  Wonder if I should use my 3 mile bike ride too? What do you think?

This morning I walked a big 2 miles.  I know I am stiff now. Hope it doesn't last long.  2.75 miles to Elizabethtown. Then I will head down 65 hy to Nashville. It is spring. Think I can make it by fall. lol... Then I will treat myself to a real trip there!!  Anyone else have a dream place to head for?  Have a great day!!




Ok ladies!!! Lets start a walking club on line!! Every day you go for a walk, chart how far you go. Then let me know!!  I went to the gym and walked 1.25 miles at 3 mph.  If you don't have a gym, get a pedimeter and track walking that way.  Pick a point on the map and walk there. I live in Kentucky and want to walk to Tennessee, then I may go to the gulf coast.  Only on paper for now, but hey, maybe (lol) or not.  Have a great day. 


March 18, 2014

I have nothing against New York, Chicago, LA or any big city. But I live in a very small town, on a limited income, and consider myself a retired (and yes "tired") 65 year old woman. Wow, 65. Seems like yesterday I was changing dirty diapers, and hurrying off to work. Now I have time. Time to do what I want. But I have no idea what I want. 

 I looked in the mirror and realized this lady needs to get out of the rut she is in. I headed to the local gym. For about $35 a month to join, I could try someting different. I decided on 6 months so I could try it out. I'm 45 to 50 pounds over weight, but never good a losing it. Maybe the gym will help. Several young men pumping iron and several my age or there about walking on treadmill and biking. OK I can do this!!

But the machines were all so different and looked intimitating to me. I can walk the treadmill but how do I turn it on and off. I scheduled a session with a personal trainer to teach me the machines to use.


While I was waiting I watch the girl on the treadmill turn it on and I did the same. 2 miles an hour was good to start.  Actually it was very relaxing to watch the tv and walk.

First thing I noticed is my tennis shoes are not supportive for the old feet. Will just have to get a new pair. Later today if I am still able to move.

The first question I want to throw out there is: Do you go to a gym? What is your favorite thing to do?

 March 19, 2014

No answer to my question, darn. Back to the gym today. Instructor showed me how to stretch and how to turn on some of the machines. LOL, I am so much older than the rest and the machines are a lot smarter than I thought.  Walked 3/4 mile at 2.8.  Got a little winded but it felt great.  Road 1 mile on the bike and that was much easier. Think I still need new shoes. Anyone have a favorite brand?

March 21

Played hooky yesterday. But went today. Little stiff but excited to try again. People at the gym are very friendly. I took my kindle and read a little of my book. Made walking go real fast today. 1 mile at 2.9... Tomorrow  I want to press harder. Any suggestions on how to make a blog exciting. I want to try, but don't know where to start. :)


 March 25  My daughter's 41st birthday today, so need to exercise more so I can go out to eat.  Think this is shooting me in the foot, but oh well.  Went to the gym this morning and it was so much fun.  Did 30 tummy crunches and 20 pull down bars.  Not sure what that machine is called.  While reading a chase scene in the book I am reading, I forgot to stop. I walked 1.6 miles and didn't even know it.  Rode 3 miles on the bike.  Now I have to figure out how to use the settings to increase the pressure.  I forgot to tell you, yesterday I found a Tai Chi you tube video for beginners. Spent an hour doing it. Doesn't seem hard but totally interesting. May be another out for me. 

What do you do for entertainment? Are you retired? If so what DO YOU DO all day? This is new for me.  See ya tomorrow!

 Today, NO gym.  Need to find something new for 65 yr old to do.  Any suggestions!! Let's share so others can see what you do with your time. I am sure you do something!!  House work done to may satisfaction, hubby busy in his shop, and I need to do something. I knit a lot. Make hats and mitten for the babiesin the nursary at the hospital. But today I want OUTSIDE.  Let me know what you will do.


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