What a beautiful morning

5 years ago

I love the quiet of the morning. It’s going to be a busy day and I enjoy the moments just before the grandchildren run downstairs looking for breakfast and Nana lovin. It’s our morning ritual as they crawl up in my lap and start their day with hugs and cuddle time from Nana. The moments before this are the sweet, quiet minutes with only the birds outside and the click of my fingers on the keyboard. I’m thankful for mornings.

I spent the weekend at a writer’s conference unexpectedly. It was an amazing experience and I learned much more than expected. But it took 2 days out of my week I planned to work. So today I will be working hard at catching up on my sewing. I have a good number of orders to get out this week and I am hoping to go to a new venue to sell this weekend. I’m enjoying a busy summer of orders when I honestly expected it to be slow. I love using the gift of sewing to add income to our household. It’s a blessing in many ways.

We spent the day yesterday at the water park, and had a great time. My grandson insisted on wearing his cowboy boots and we didn’t see the point in arguing. We’ve learned over the years there are battles to fight and the truth is, this isn’t one of them. He is pretty cute in swim trunks and cowboy boots. I’ve become accustomed to asking myself, what impact will this have in the long run? There is a fine line in spoiling our grandchildren and recognizing the little things that don’t really matter. In our case as we parent our grandchildren, we walk this fine line often.

It used to be much harder. There was a time when our emotions struggled through the times of wanting to give them ice cream for dinner and let them stay up all night. What we’ve learned in this is how to parent with much more peace and less stress. Instead of worrying constantly how others may see our situation, our children or grandchildren in this we focus on what’s best for our family. In our case blended family means more than having a stepchild in the home but also grandchildren living here. We do not portray the traditional family. We are the new blended family in every definition of the phrase.

This became a fun place to be in our lives as soon as we recognized the value and left behind the stereotypes. So for today, I wait for the babies to wake up and plan the day ahead of us. Breakfast, sewing, lunch, nap and it looks like we may make it to the Ranger game tonight too! We all love and enjoy the summer baseball games! I hope you all have a great week. I’m looking forward to starting a new bible study this week as well as continued family time this summer. It’s good to be blessed.


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