But What About Socialization?

4 years ago

The most common question any homeschooler gets asked is, "What about socialization?" In fact, we homeschool moms have many inside jokes about socialization because the question gets asked so often. Apparently, most of the world thinks we are sitting around our kitchen tables completing math problems together by candlelight. For most homeschool families, that image is completely incorrect.

An average week in our house has many opportunities for socialization. In one week's time, here are the activities my kids go to:

-Gymnastics (Well, the girl goes there. The boy thinks that is totally uncool.)

-A meeting at the park with about 100 other families

-Girl scouts (Again...the girl.)

-Softball and Baseball at least twice


-Church (3 times)

-Field trips

-Get togethers with friends

-Youth Group Activities

-Work in an auto-shop. (The boy does that while the girl is at gymnastics.)

Now that I think about it, no wonder I'm tired! I'm driving a taxi! These are just the weekly activities. Then, I have to add in the random activities that come up. Our homeschool would more accurately be called a car-school, because we are always in the car.

Here are the realities of how my kids are socialized:

-They can speak to anyone of any age. My kids are comfortable playing with a baby or a toddler. They are also comfortable carrying on a conversation with an adult. They are not limited by age or gender.

-Their socialization is more realistic than a school setting. In school, kids are grouped into age-specific classes. They aren't allowed to talk while walking in line. They aren't allowed to talk during class. They aren't allowed to talk during lunch. They aren't given time just to hang out. How, exactly, is that socialization?

-My kids are adaptable. Because they accompany me to many activities during the day, they know how to behave. They can sit through a meeting. They can go to the grocery store and not throw a fit. They are ready to behave in any activity that I take them to. They know how to adapt to whatever situation I throw them into.

I have seen lists of snappy come-backs to the "socialization" question. Some were funny. Some were just plain snotty. Sometimes, I think people are showing genuine concern or curiosity when they ask how my kids are socialized. Other times, I think they are just "stirring the pot." I would love to have some good come-backs to the people who are just being snotty. What are your come-backs to this question? How do you answer, "But what about socialization?" If you aren't a homeschooler and you have asked this question, what answers are you looking for?


Call me crazy.  Call me weird.  Call me when supper is ready.   Just don't call me average.

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