War on Women.

6 years ago
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Every time the Presidential elections show their ugly faces. One party always seems to get by through the singling out and vilifying of one group or another in this great country. Typically gay marriage would be the hot topic of right wing assault but with more states going "pro gay" this year with pro gay marriage legislation. the war seems to be on women. Abortion is not a new political talking point but 2012 is quickly turing out to be the year of mass uterine hysteria.

It began with the politically driven choice of Susan G. Komen's Vice President for public policy. Karen Handel, a former gubernatorial candidate from Georgia and fervent anti-abortionist. to defund Planned Parenthood due to the fact that they provide abortion procedures 3% of the time. Those other life saving services such as; mammograms. sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment. prenatal care were of no concern when stacking the wood. tying the ropes and setting Planned Parenthood and all of the women who depend on it into the fire.

With public outcry Susan G. Komen reversed that decision and restored funding. but for how long? What about the seven states who have already defunded or made moves to defund Planned Parenthood?

We then started hearing the news coming from individual states about the supposed anti-abortion measures being thrust upon women just like a rapist forces himself into a position of power. In the early part of 2012 Virginia had several anti-woman or as they like to call it. pro-life bills on the government table. The "personhood" bill was one in which a fertilized egg would have been defined as a "person." Meaning a woman whose fetus showed gross abnormalities would not be able to acquire government funds for an abortion. The baby would legally have to be carried to term. birthed. and then left to the state to provide the life long services such a child would require. The service aspect of such a redefinition of "person" proved to be potentially too costly to the future state and as such was aborted. so to speak.

The second Vagina. I mean Virginian pro-life bill dubbed the "ultrasound" bill was spearheaded by anti-abortionist Republican Governor Bob McDonnell. who by the way is a vice presidential hopeful and Mitt Romney campaigner. and was signed into state law in March of this year and will go into effect on July 1st 2012. This act of aggression marks the eighth state in the union to require ultrasound procedures on women seeking abortion. Texas requires the technician to describe the fetus to the mother. and Virginia's claim to fame was the mandate which required dating of the fetus. What became controversial was the realization of the ignorant that in order to date a fetus in the first trimester a "transvaginal" ultrasound is necessary. So if you want or need an abortion in Virginia "the state for lovers." you would literally have to get fucked by the government 24 hours prior. In hopes that such an experience might change your fragile female mind.

Once the "transvaginal" news broke so did hell and the bill. although it did get signed into law. it was altered so that a woman could refuse the government sponsored rape for the less invasive abdominal version. Still a woman seeking abortion is required to view that fetus growing inside of her in a disgusting bureaucratic attempt to twist her arm into Good Ole Party submission.

On International Women's Day. Congress decided to celebrate with more Republicans proposing even more anti-woman. anti-abortion legislation. Two Floridian's would like to make it illegal for anyone but a parent to accompany a young woman across state lines to seek an abortion. even if her parents are absent or abusive. and in Georgia bill 954 which has passed the state's House and is on its way into the Senate. With this piece of Republican draconian legislation making abortion after 20 weeks of gestation illegal. Should this bill pass in Georgia. and you discover that to your probable horror. your child will most likely not survive birth or even worse has died in utero. after 20 weeks. You would still have to carry that stillborn baby until you naturally labor and birth it.

Am I the only person screaming "what the fuck!" From the mountain tops?

During President Obama's term a mandate was enacted which gave women the right to free birth control contraceptives either through their employers or the insurance companies should the employers religious affiliations hold a contradicting belief against birth control. A compromise the administration should not have made.

And the Republican's lost their god damn minds. but this is only the beginning. It is a long election season ahead of us. and whether you like it or not the Republican party is going to ejaculate all over Roe vs. Wade until they either essentially or legally nullify the Supreme Courts ruling or people stand up and scream against the demonizing of half of the population. and this my dear friends is how they intend to get elected.

How you feel about abortion is not what is important at this point in time. What is important is the swift. violent. massacre of freedom and not just women's rights but all American's rights because if you think that you are not next well. I hate to say it but you might be wrong. In these horrendous times what we need to be asking ourselves is not am I pro or anti abortion? but what if I conceived a child with downs syndrom? Could I endure the lifelong responsibility? What if I was raped and a seed was planted through that violence? Could I bear that child? What if my sister's baby died in utero? Would I want her to be mandated to carry that deceased body to full term? What if my 14 year old daughter got pregnant and knew she could not carry the weight of that child? Would I force her too? Should I be allowed to decide for any of them? Should the government be able to legislate your reproductive organs? If I do not want government in my house as Republican's believe than I do not want Republicans in my uterus either.

I have been lucky because I have never in my life found myself in a situation where I needed to have an abortion. Others have not been so lucky as me and the toll an experience like this takes on an already emotional and hormonal woman is devastating. The pain endures. not just physically but emotionally and it lasts for years. What the GOP is doing is nothing less than warfare on the fair sex. and it is all to distract you from the jobs you don't have. the mortgage you can't pay. the soldiers still fighting and the country poised to detonate their nuclear weapons. It's a game the Republican party has perfected. Now my question is what the hell are we going to do about it?



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