Walk on the Ocean

6 years ago

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{We spotted the ocean at the head of the trail
Where are we going, so far away
and somebody told me that this is the place
Where everything’s better, everything’s safe ~Toad the Wet Sprocket}

To my Phoenix,

Last week we escaped to the ocean.  This was your second time visiting the beautiful North Carolina coast, and it was such a pleasure to watch your little face light up with excitement at your new surroundings. 

I’ve always felt you would have some connection to the sea…your life spark was ignited there near the seashore, you were born into warm waters, in your early days of colic you were soothed immediately if I put you in the bath, when you were just 3 months old you laid out in your stroller and would sleep all day when we were visiting the coast. 

This trip was no exception to this budding rule….you love the water, the sand, the wind in your face.  It was a blustery beach trip, and everytime the wind would pick up you would turn your sweet cheeks toward it and let out the happiest laugh.  As you raised your hands to feel the wind in your fingers you looked like you could just take off and fly into it.   

One day we took a long walk on the beach.  You started out on Daddy’s shoulders, but Zion was insistent on running and soon you were brought into my arms so Daddy could keep up with your big brother.  I wrapped you up in my turquoise pashmina and gave you a beautiful black seashell to hold.  It wasn’t long before you rested your head on my chest and hummed contentedly while you sucked all the sea salt off the shell. 

With the wind blowing hard all around us and the ocean’s soothing roar to our right, we made our way to the pier.  I began to hum along to the little tune you started, and soon your body felt completely relaxed in my arms. 

I peeked down at you nestled in my chest and your eyes were closed in sleep, little fist tightly clenched around your seashell.  You looked so safe and secure from the howling wind. 

I know this is one of those moments I will relive everytime we visit the beach, everytime we walk along the sand together. 


Your Mama

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